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and expectations, his hips unfortu- nately did not, and right then, I was introduced to the harsh realities of the breed. I neutered Mick and proceeded to purchase seven-week old CH Einmin Lanneret v Rottdan CD, AD, TDI, Police Service Dog Mountain View PD, MRC Honor Roll (“Hawk”). This dog, Hawk, later became the basis for the kennel name “Nighthawk Rottweilers.”

Rottweilers, has been involved in the breed for the past two decades, showing and breed- ing them for almost ten years. Her first two Rottweilers, Bonnie and Xena were rescue dogs who she lost at 13+ years.

Karen and Bonnie spent seven years working as a therapy dog team. In 2008 she purchased her first AKC show pros- pect from Donna Anderson and Joan Rosemier of Hemlock Rottweilers. This “purple” puppy went onto become her first AKC Champion & Platinum Grand Champion, her first Best in Show winner, her first Westminster Kennel Club Best of Breed Winner, her first AKC National/Eukanuba Best of Breed Winner and her first #1 Breed Ranked Dog. “Trapper” was not only her heart dog, but also the first dog she titled in AKC Obedience and Rally. Showing dogs came naturally to her having spent 20 years showing horses competing in Hunters and Jumpers. Over the past five years, Bang Rottweilers has produced 13 AKC Cham- pions, several Grand Champions, many with working and obedience titles. In addition to her time with her dogs, Karen enjoys managing her own business, Travel by Karen where she helps those with wanderlust plan their perfect business or vacation journeys. Where do you live and what do you do outside of dogs? I live in a small farm in Northeast Ohio. I enjoy manag- ing my own travel agency, Travel by Karen, specializing in high-end luxury vacations and business travel. Running my own business gives me the flexibility I need to share qual- ity time with my family, dogs and also actively participate in dog sports. What do you mean “outside of dogs”, there is life beyond dogs? DAVIANN MITCHELL In 1982, I acquired my first Rottweiler, Michener’s Michael CD, Certified Police Service Dog (“Mick”) and established Nighthawk Rottweilers. While Mick met all of my hopes

My philosophy on dog breeding is embodied in the term “INTEGRITY.” I believe that while a dog may not have any disqualifying fault and has a CHIC number, this alone does not mean that it is breeding quality. We must breed the total dog, which is type, temperament and structure. I feel that we should not only strive to be successful with our dogs in the conformation ring, but to be equally successful with our dogs in the working arena whether it be agility, obedience, rally, herding, tracking, schutzhund, barn hunt, or therapy—or any other working activity! To date, I have bred over 85 conformation champions, and bred and/or owned numerous Top Ten conformation as well and Top Ten working dogs. I have either bred, owned or owed the stud dog to several #1 American Rottweiler Club breed dogs and bitches. I have also personally bred/ trained/handled several National, Regional and/or local spe- cialty winners, bred/trained/handled several obedience and agility dogs as well as bred/trained/handled several Schutz- hund dogs, up to and including Schutzhund three. Over 35 years of breeding Rottweilers, I have only personally bred approximately 25 litters; however, Nighthawk has co-bred approximately 33. I am currently a member of the following clubs: American Rottweiler Club, Medallion Rottweiler Club, Colonial Rott- weiler Club, Western Rottweiler Owners, and The Rottweiler Health Foundation—Past President and Director. I am a past member of the following organizations: Associ- ated Rottweiler Fanciers of Northern California - Past Direc- tor, United States Rottweiler Club—Past Breed Warden and Past Apprentice Judge Applicant, The American Rottweiler Verein, United Schutzhund Club of America and the Los Angeles Rottweiler Club—Past President. I have judged Rottweilers in conformation Sweepstakes at the Nationals, Regional and local Specialty levels.


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