Showsight Presents The Rottweiler

POWER Power is a trait the Rottweiler must possess both in appearance and action. The word “powerful” is used in the Standard several times to describe the overall impression of the Rottweiler and its functional abilities that demon- strate the form we know today. Power and strength are not necessarily the same thing. Strength can represent brute force while some see power as utilizing that strength in bursts or sus- tained activities that are impressive to the eye and awe-inspiring to those witnessing this attribute. The “form” described elsewhere in the Standard for the structure of the dog, must and will result in a dog with the power represented here. CALM, CONFIDENT To balance the strength and power of the Rottweiler the breed must also be calm and confident. What good in the service of mankind is a dog that is powerful and strong, if that cannot be channeled into a useable form, a form with which we can live peacefully in modern society? The Rottweiler’s calm, confident attitude must be on display and in equal proportion to the power and strength this breed possesses. The calm and confident nature of the dog is a job in itself and the responsibility of the breeder and owner to help instill through training and socialization. From a young age these strong and pow- erful dogs must be reared first by their mother and siblings, then the breeder, in an environment of exposure to a great number of stimuli and settings. The Rottweiler is an inherently calm dog, not one prone to erratic behavior or sudden unneeded action. Growing up in a family setting with family mem- bers knowing how to care for and train these young animals provides the bal- ance for the strength and power they inherently possess.

INTELLIGENT Intelligent? Without a doubt! The Rottweiler Standard specifically men- tions a dog of great intelligence. Consid- ering its history and function through the ages, even before it gained its mod- ern look, the Rottweiler’s heritage is one that would have required an intel- ligent dog to survive the rigors of cross- continent cattle driving, guarding and adapting to perform any tasks its own- ers asked. Even more so in the modern Rottweiler, I believe intelligence is a trait that breeders have done an excep- tional job developing and presenting to you, the general public, and dog show judges. Whether it be tracking which requires the dog to think in conjunction with use of its exceptional olfactory senses, advanced obedience, or police/ military function—smart dogs figure it out, and in the process make our lives better. AGILE Agility is something often overlooked in the breed. You cannot sacrifice agil- ity solely to gain power and strength. A dog must be strong and powerful but at the same time agile and constructed in a manner to allow all these attributes to shine in performing what we ask of the Rottweiler. Of course, what better way to demonstrate “agility” than in agility exercises? Make no sacrifice when look- ing at the Rottweiler and asking your- self if the dog can perform. An agile Rottweiler is essential to function. Does this dog look agile? EFFICIENCY/ENDURANCE Efficiency in movement creates endurance in function. If the Rottweiler you are looking at is not efficient when it moves (whether trotting, loping, or in a full sprint) the dog will break down and will not be able to function as intended and described in the Standard. An effi- cient mover creates the endurance that


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