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“The set of tail is what is impor- tant and should be judged. If a natural tail is presented, only the set of the tail should be judged or faulted”. This has been added to the power- point and written materials for the American Rottweiler Club judges’ education packet to supplement the language and the breed standard that “the set of the tail is more important than length”. While the majority of the exhibits will continue to be docked, the club is aware that undocked dogs are appearing in greater numbers in the AKC ring. The club will continue to resist efforts in this country to forbid the procedure of docking to the extent that it negatively affects members who continue the practice for their dogs. IN CLOSING I hope that as a judge or new owner you will take the time to look at these pictures again and remember there is more to this breed and celebrating its many qualities than a piece of paper called The Breed Standard. While those elements are certainly important in creating the modern Rottweiler, the heart and soul of the breed are the tasks

affect overall on the breed, both domes- tically and in other areas of the world. Of particular interest was the FCI’s addition to the standard of a specific muzzle to skull ratio of 2 to 3. This ratio has always been discussed and identi- fied in the American Rottweiler Club Standard, but the club does feel there needs to be emphasis on not rewarding “exaggerated” heads or those that look like some other breed of a more mas- sive construction. For purposes of edu- cation, the American Rottweiler Club directors would like to refer judges and potential judges to the judges’ educa- tion website where there is a detailed discussion of head type and how to avoid extremes of either the “overdone or underdone” head type. In the last twenty years there has been a trend both in the United States and elsewhere for a shortening of the muzzle below that desired in the standard. This is a trend that will hopefully be reversed with continuing judges’ education here as well as more specific definition in the FCI Standard. Other issues that the parent club would like judges to focus on is overall, proportion of the dog as well as temper- ament. Recent changes in the FCI Stan- dard have emphasized what has always been discussed in the AKC Standard, namely that dogs that exhibit shyness should not be rewarded. Additionally, height and length proportions are criti- cal in setting breed type, avoiding dogs that lack leg or are too long in body. Finally, the issue of undocked or “natural” tails in the breed is continu- ing to be addressed. There have been many undocked championed Rottwei- lers finish in recent years. The club con- sists of members that have both docked and natural-tailed dogs. It is the position of the American Rottweiler Club that owners of both are welcomed as mem- bers of the parent club. Because of the number of dogs with tails being seen in the ring, the American Rottweiler Club judges’ education committee recently recommended, and the board unani- mously approved, additions to judges’ education materials showing the type of tail that might be seen in the ring by judges. The board also passed a motion in September as follows:

and services that it can and willingly will perform for us as loving owners and trainers. A strong, powerful, agile, calm, intelligent and self-assured dog in a black and tan package is surely one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves in life. Meet a Rottweiler, and celebrate Jeff Shaver is currently Vice President of the American Rottweiler Club and is a recent past president for a five- year period. He is also past president of the Rottweiler Rescue Foundation and currently on the Board of the Rott- weiler Health Foundation. He and his wife Lew Olson (an AKC Conforma- tion Judge) have a combined 75 years of experience in the breed, and using the “Blackwood” Kennel name have produced dozens of champions, multi- ple advanced agility, obedience track- ing, and working titled Rottweilers. They have also owned and/or shown multiple Best-In-Show, Best-In-Special- ty show and Top Ten Ranked Rottwei- lers. Jeff is currently an all-level AKC Tracking Judge. They live in Magnolia, Texas with their Rottweilers, Brussels Griffons, and horses. these wonderful dogs today. AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY


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