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PETER GAETA I live in the delightful community of Brighton, Michigan. It is about 20 miles north of Ann Arbor. I hit the driving range with some frequency, however. I still read quite a bit, and I spend quite a bit of time working in the yard. My preference, however, is just hanging out with the dog, a seven-year-old Bedlington Terrier, and the cat, a 13-year-old rescue. The dog is always at my side, and the cat is nearly always there, too. I started showing Great Danes nearly 50 years ago, in 1967. In 1971, The American Kennel Club granted me a Limited Handler’s License to handle dogs professionally, and when the program was discontinued in 1978, I was licensed for the Working Group, most of the Sporting Group and a handful of other breeds. At that point, I continued as an agent handling most breeds. In 1999, I went to work for the American Kennel Club as an Executive Field Representative and in 2005, I was promoted to Director of Judging Operations. I retired in 2009 and started judging shortly thereafter. SUZAN GUYNN

CDX, the Komondor still holds the All-Breed BIS Record for the breed, at 7. I’ve had good success breeding both of those breeds since. In addition to finishing many Komondor cham- pions and breeding several BIS and National BISS dogs I also achieved CDs on several Komondors. I’ve been judging since 1992 and am approved for all Hounds, Working and Herding breeds and 16 Sporting breeds. I have been judging Rottwei- lers since 2004. In addition to AKC shows, I have judged them in Sweden, Mexico, China and Australia. NANCY LIEBES I live in New Castle, Indiana. I am a retired corporate trainer and now do pottery. I have spent 44 years in the dog world, with 42 years showing and 28 years judging. A Komondor breeder for many years, I have bred more than 50 champion Komondors, five of which have won Bests in Show and seven of which have won National Specialties. I am also involved in Cavaliers and English Toy Spaniels and have been training in Agility recently, which is a ton of fun. LEW OLSON I live near Houston, Texas. This is a great place for one of my favorite activities, which is gardening, both ornamen- tal plants and vegetables. It is also close to an international airport and I love to travel. I have been showing dogs since 1974, and I have owned Rottweilers since 1978. I am active in both conformation and performance, and I have been judg- ing in AKC since 2002. I currently judge the Working and the Toy Groups. FAYE STRAUSS I reside in Kent, Washington. I’ve been in the dog world and showing for over 30 years and judging for almost 20 years.

I have lived in Virginia all of my life. Outside of dogs, I serve as Human Resources Director in a large, progres- sive school system, and I have served as a middle school principal, high school principal and Director of Middle and High Schools prior to my appointment ten years ago as the Human Resources Director. I am certified as a Senior Profes-

sional HR Manager and am currently obtaining certification as a Juvenile Domestic Relations and Circuit Court Family Mediator. I raise three children, the two younger currently in high school and the oldest currently an NCAA collegiate athlete. This is my 30th year as a Rottweiler owner/exhibitor in AKC competition. I have been judging for 10 years. ERIC LIEBES

Joan and I live outside of Colorado Springs with our three Samoyeds, two Komondors, Greyhound, Ibizan Hound and Joan’s two horses. I retired last year after 30 years with Chevron as a Geo- physicist, sometimes doing oil explora- tion, sometimes research. I got my first dogs, a Komondor and an Ibizan, in 1981. The Ibizan got his Championship and a

LIZ WERTZ I live in Chesterland, Ohio. When not involved with the dogs, my time is spent on my marketing business, golfing, biking and cooking. Dogs have always been a part of my family, but I became seriously

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