Showsight Presents The Rottweiler

Dynamics of the ReaR assembly

By Steven Robinson

I t is increasingly apparent today the correct Rottweiler’s rear assembly is under attack. Th rough out vari- ous breeds of dogs, it is common to see trends come and go. But some trends, unfortunately, are fundamentally fl awed. It is such a travesty we are witnessing in the Rottweiler breed ring today. Over angulated rears, many of which are actual deformities, i.e. sickle hocks, are being embraced, promoted and awarded at shows by both breeders and judges alike. Th is persistent popularity of over angulated rears cannot be explained other than the result of judges & breeders not having a true understanding and appreciation for how the rear operates. Th e purpose of this article is to shed light on the basic operation of the rear, and to demonstrate why having exces- sive angles is not desirable for a Rottweiler. Especially since one of his traditional func- tions is that of a draft dog. I will assume that the reader already knows the di ff erence between a gallop, pace and trot and our Rottweiler’s primary mode of travel is as a trotter. Th e trot is a very e ffi - cient endurance gait used by coyotes, wolves and other wild canines to travel vast dis- tances without exerting too much energy. It is a ground covering gait animals use to keep moving for hours and is the typical gait of herding breeds. So, we will assess the e ffi - ciency of our Rottweiler’s rear assembly at the trot, their most productive gait.

In the beginning of our standards, it gives a general description of our Rottwei- ler. Within the general description it states, the Rottweiler is to possess great strength, agility and endurance. To paraphrase, our Rottweiler is to embody great strength, great agility and great endurance. Th ese three qualities provide a check and bal- ance for determining what is correct for

our Rottweiler. For example, a Rottweiler with too much substance will possess great strength but will lack in agility and endur- ance. On the other hand, a Rottweiler in need of substance may have great agility and endurance, but will lack in strength. It is only among those Rottweilers possess- ing correct substance that the embodiment of great strength, great agility and great

Left to Right: Correct Rear, Over Angulated and Sickle Hocked


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