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able to support and explain our decisions. For the purposes of breeder-exhibitors, this can be essential; as a breeder myself, I find it helpful to understand what the judge sees even if it’s less painful not to know. Conclusion My English teacher also taught that although meaning came first, language is power. It is the power to persuade, to explain and to define. Th rough its charac- terizing negotiables, definitives and deal- breakers, the AKC Rottweiler Standard language provides for us as AKC judges that image of the ideal Rottweiler against which our exhibits are evaluated and select- ed. Even through time, Rottweiler heritage has prevailed in the AKC Standard and the ideal has not changed. Popular for its enduring depiction of the refinement of the Rottweiler, the language written by ADRK President Herr Pienkoss echoes: “beautiful, noble and proud looking. Size is not the main feature of the refined dog, but beau- tiful, clear outlines and a harmoniously proportioned body. Refinement does not express itself only in the form, but also in posture and character. Temperament with- out pushiness, courage without wildness, friendliness with a touch of reserve.” Enjoy judging the Rottweiler and by all means, embrace the ideal Rotteiler image as con- templated by our AKC Rottweiler Stan- dard, demonstrating regard and respect for its lovingly tailored language and the powerful implications found there for the Rottweiler, his heritage and for us, as his stewards. If God created the remarkable souls of our Rottweilers—and within each of us souls to admire them so deeply—then surely they are heaven bound creatures. Th erefore, to be surrounded by their earth- ly forms in an AKC ring is a divine privi- lege to be honored.

The AKC Standard represents decades of generations bred unto the image of the Rottwei ler it promotes. (Multi BISS ARC Select Ch. Cammcastle’s X Equals One v QR, “Trig”)

0otion is eIIortless, eIficient and ground covering. (Multi Breed Winning Ch. Cammcastle’s Valentino v QR, “Vinnie”)

and rear assembly in his/her natural stance with no hand stacking. Be patient with a young Rottweiler. Th ere is a fine line between a condition of shyness (as penalized by the AKC Rottweiler Standard) and simple inex- perience. If a puppy seems malleable but is not showing the bite easily, move the puppy and try again. Dogs do associate location with stress and sometimes sim- ply moving him to another spot on the mat can make a di ff erence. Don’t assume that you won’t occa- sionally award a Rottweiler you feel is mediocre; sometimes this is true of the best one entered. Worthwhile Considerations Sometimes it’s tough to remember that bitches should be judged against bitches and dogs against dogs. As judged against others of his gender, the breed winner should be better than the Best of Oppo- site Sex winner judged against others of her gender—and vice versa. In other words, if the dog (male) is a better dog (male) than the bitch is a bitch, then he is the Breed winner; however, if the bitch is a better bitch than the dog is a dog, then the bitch is Best of Breed.

Resist e ff orts by exhibitors and adver- tisers to have you ignore—or worse, by your actions, rewrite—the AKC Rott- weiler Standard. I once witnessed an exhibitor, donning an armband, enter the Rottweiler ring to show a pot bellied pig! While this action was conducted in good humor, it serves as a reminder that we as AKC judges cannot control the deci- sions exhibitors make about what they will enter and bring to the ring. Whether the entry is parody by farm animal or an orchestrated e ff ort to challenge us to treat the standard (and ultimately the image of the AKC Rottweiler) as an evolution- ary idiom (an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meanings of its constituent elements) , the final author- ity on the integrity with which the AKC Rottweiler standard is adjudicated stops with us. Breeders and exhibitors rely upon us to a ffi rm through our actions the writ- ten standard and the image of the ideal Rottweiler it is intended to promote. Judging the breed amounts to o ff er- ing exhibitors our opinion by way of our actions. An inquiring Rottweiler exhibitor deserves to understand the judge’s opinion, regardless of whether he (the exhibitor) agrees with it. And we as judges should be

“Resist effoRts by exhibitoRs and adveRtiseRs to have you ignoRe—oR woRse, by youR actions, RewRite—the aKc RottweileR standaRd.”

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