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that first visit, as did the family.Not for fear of aggression, but for fear he would play too roughly or knock her over or scare her. Th e other two kids would play ball with him, run around with him—typi- cal dog and kids playing. Yet, when he was around the little girl he was very reserved, very gentle, because he just knew. He remained calm around her, building her confidence. Now she feeds him, kisses him and is no longer unsure. Today it is one big happy family! Th e little girl can lay on him, hug him; he knows this is his forever family! Th ey just never cease to amaze me. Th e family jogs with him, takes him on road trips with all the kids, he joins in on all the family get-togethers, with people and dogs. What a great, loving family for this boy. His presence in this family is obvi- ous in every picture they send me. Th is totally warms my heart—it’s one of my best feelings in the world! In keeping with their presence, I can’t help but mention the overwhelming feel- ing due to the lack of their presence when they are gone. I have said to friends that the silence is deafening. What a magnificent animal; what a magnificent breed. Th eir bounty of gifts is unending.

All that being said, I still tell people the Rottweiler is not a breed for every- one. Th ey require a person willing to commit—not just for the moment, but for the lifetime of that dog. It is a com- mitment in many di ff erent areas... to the supervision, care and training of that dog, as well as assuming that certain sense of responsibility that goes along with sharing your life with a Rottweiler. Not even so much because of the breed, but because of what people have done to this magnificent breed. ( Th ere are insur- ance issues to deal with, not to mention

breed-specific legislation that doesn’t even allow you to have a Rottweiler in some cities/counties. It’s heartbreaking what people have done.) Remember, you have to be smarter than the dog, and not everyone is! BIO Dogs have been an intricate part of Pam Marsh’s life since childhood, having been raised with Labs from the time she was 4 years old. Dober- mans came into her life in her young adult years. She is Owner/Operator of PET SPA in Dakota City, Nebraska, a grooming shop and boarding kennel , open since 1981. Pam has worked with Doberman and Rottweiler rescue since 1981. She does behavior modif ication training, teaches conformation and basic obedi- ence and has been a professional han- dler for 25 years. Breeder/Owner/Handler for near 30 years, Pam partnered with Vicky Weaver of Gamegards Rottweilers in 1998. While breeding and and f inish- ing the all-time top producing Rott- weiler of the 100-year history of the breed with 137 Champions to date!

Pam with best friend, V-1 SIEGER MULTI BIS/BISS 3x SELECT CH. GAMEGARDS U.S. MARSHALL RN CGC, “Cahill” and French Bulldog, Spinoffs Sweet Potato Pied, “Tater Tot”.

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