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of them and when you see them acting like idiots, I understand. 7. Name a dog not currently being shown that exempli- fies your ideal type. Some of the great dogs of the past are what we should all be striving for, but so many of the new people don’t know “old dogs” and what they brought to the breed. Since I don’t have permission to mention other people’s dogs, I would suggest that everyone who has been in the breed less than 10 years get a copy of the American Rott- weiler Pictorial and sit down and talk to someone who saw and knew these dogs. That is how you learn. You as a breeder need to know what your bitch needs to improve and what male can give that to her. Some breedings don’t work, but you have to move on and try again. 8. Anything else you’d like to add? I feel sorry for the new judges who were not around look- ing at Rottweilers in the golden days. It would be very difficult to know what you are looking for at many of the shows. That is why it is so important to go to some of the bigger Rottweiler shows. You will be able to see more good animals and be a better judge. Also AKC needs to do something about dogs that are finishing when there is only one animal of their sex and they get the points by crossing over for the points. This means they have never defeated an animal of the same sex to become a cham- pion—this is ridiculous. JOAN K LEM 1. How many years in dogs? Showing? Judging? My first memory of dog

My mentors were the Judges who allowed me to sit in the ring next to the gal who was subscribing the Judges critiques on each dog. Fortunately she spoke English and repeated them in English for me. The last time we were driving around Europe, I, as navigator, was hav- ing trouble reading the map. Dick suggested

owner/handler Joan Klem with Ch. Iolkos v. Dammerwald CD, c. 1979. (Courtesy of Glenbard All-Breed obedience Club newsletter)

that now that I was having trouble with my eyes, I should consider becoming an AKC Judge. Dick had a terrific sense of humor. I completed my Rottweiler Provisionals in 1981 with an entry of 90 at Bucks County. As an AKC/ International Judge I have had the pleasure of judging the Rottweiler in 17 different countries, a number of them multiple times. 2. Describe the breed in three words. I can do it in one—ATHLETE. Here are three words— Consummate Working Dog. 3. What to you is the ultimate hallmark of the breed? The ultimate hallmark of the breed, I hope, will be to keep the hardness to remain the ultimate working dog with the ability to live in today’s society with his endur- ing sense of unfailing good humor. 4. Are there any traits in this breed you fear are becoming exaggerated? Do you mean traits of character or traits of conformation? It is and will be difficult to keep that Hardness of char- acter and build to survive in today’s society. However, continue to work your dogs. They should look and feel hard and fit… You are asking one who voted not to con- tinue lowering the jump heights. You look for a free and far reaching movement with efficient drive. Watch out for movement too close in the rear and over angulation. 5. Do you think the dogs you see in this breed are bet- ter now than they were when you first started judg- ing? Why or why not? When I started going to Germany and seeing their dogs in the 60s, I came back knowing that our dogs here looked almost like a different breed. By bringing over some of the best in Europe, the 70s produce a big improvement. When I started judging in the 80s and continuing in the early 90s, we who experienced it, call them the “Golden Years” in our breed. So, no, I don’t think they are better now. The late Golden Years also produced too many breeders who did not pay attention to good breeding. We registered too many Rottweilers most of whom never could appear in conformation or obedience. Thanks to our COE Club Breeders, our breed- ing practices are excellent. But, in my seminars which I have given around the world , I show films of the breed doing everything it was bred to do. I tell them to look for

shows is as a four year old at the International KC show, which was then held at the International Stock Yards in Chicago. My father would leave me huddled up for a nap on the bench behind our Dobe, Franz of Dawn, that was the ultimate guard dog. I also judge Dobes. I

Joan Klem with Alaric and Astrid, c. 1951 at her family’s farm, rodsden, in Illinois.

registered my first litter of Rottweilers in 1949 from the Rodsden A litter. I handled Ch. Diedre of Rodsden, CD in conformation and obedience. It was the first and only time I ever handled in the Breed ring. Just about every- body in the Rodsden family did it much better than I. “Rodsden” remains as the oldest AKC Registered Kennel name in Rottweilers. I have, however, personally trained and competed in obedience and tracking with my Rott- weilers through the years. As for judging, my husband, Dick Klem, and I would travel to Europe almost every year from 1965 to 1978 when he died. It always included the week in Germany of the Bundesieger and then ADRK Klubsieger show events.

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