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Pat gave me my first Rottweiler, Astrid of Rodsden, when I graduated from Northwestern School of Speech. All three families had a Rodsden Rottweiler and as their kids grew-up, they contributed to the breed and continue to do so. My granddaughter, Chandra, started handling puppies and doing obedience work at about age eight. She handled some of those great imports we were so fortunate to bring over from Germany and the Netherlands even though she was a junior. She has just completed the AKC requirements to begin accepting provisionals as the next AKC judge in the Klem/Rademacher families. Her daughter, Brianna, was a junior handler, runs the MRC Matches at the specialty and has just taken on the job as co-editor of the MRC Newsletter. Then there is granddaughter Jacalyn Joan who turned 18 and is too old to continue in juniors—it’s okay because she prefers obedience anyway. My advice is to build those family and dog memories as if you live to be 90 as I have, you will treasure them. WENDI LEWELLEN

My wife, Elizabeth H. Chamberlin, and I currently live in Ocracoke, North Carolina on the outer banks of North Car- olina where they built, own and operate a waterfront Inn- Captain’s Landing. I have owned Rottweilers since 1968 and have worked in obedience, showing and as a breeder of note. I am current- ly a member and past President of the Colonial Rottweiler Club, Charter member, mentor and past Vice-President and President of the American Rottweiler Club, member of the Medallion Rottweiler Club as well as past member of the Ger- man Rottweiler Club-ADRK. I have bred Rottweilers for many years and was the breeder, owner, trainer of BIS, Select, Gold Producer, CH Ironwood’s Cade, CD, CGC who was one of the foundation dogs of many of the top Rottweilers of today. Although I’m not actively showing or breeding today my interest in the breed has not wavered. SUZAN GUYNN JOAN KLEM

The home of Chancellor Rottweilers is in the beautiful Sierra Foothills. We are blessed with neighbors who love our wild animals, deer, cats, dog and multiple spe- cies of farm animals, horses and cattle. Our dogs are our family and run in and out of our home and have four separate

My life in the sport of pure bred dogs has been a wonderful, exciting, chal- lenging and interesting experience. The opportunity to judge all over our coun- try and in 17 different countries, some- times two or three times, was always challenging. The opportunity to exam-

fenced yards to play. Our other interests are fishing, going out for dinner, visiting neighbors and friends, going to the Casinos to eat and play but, generally, we are homebodies enjoying the outdoors and our dogs. SHARON MARPLES

ine and judge some of the most handsome representatives in our breed around the world was always exciting. But the most interesting part was being able to meet and become friends with such extraordinary people in our breed. It is with many thanks to my Rademacher and Klem families, our AKC,ARC,MRC,CRC and all the local clubs, the Foreign Breed Clubs and those extraordinary friends that it seems I will have many great memories to sustain me now in my, what do you call it, golden age? I live in Wheaton, Illinois. I grew up in Wheaton along with my two brothers, Pat and Dick Rademacher, with Dobes as our breed of choice. That changed when my brothers returned from the war and decided to find a strong, medium- large working dog for their families, the Rottweiler fit the bill.

I obtained my first Rottweiler in 1985 as a gift from my husband who had been in the breed for many years. We joined the American Rottweiler Club in 1990, I served as a member on the Board of Directors from 2011—2015 and was the recipient of the club’s Bruce

Billings Good Sportsmanship Award in 2012. I am a member of several other Rottweiler and working dog clubs as well.


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