Showsight Presents the Tibetan Spaniel



match show. That is where I started. My husband and I had a great time and I still remember that day. The trend I’d like to see stopped is winning at all costs. 7. Has the breed improved from when you started judging? The mix is about the same, but there are more nice imports. I hope they do not bring in unwanted health problems. 8. Are there aspects of the breed not in the standard that you nonetheless take into consideration because breeders consider them important? Not really. We have a wonderful illustrated stan- dard and an excellent video. 9. Can Judges Education on this breed be improved? I believe the best education is in ring observation. Please bring it back, AKC! JOE & MURREL PURKHISER BIOS

DRAGONSONG@PETML.COM 1. Where do you live? What do you do outside of dogs? I live in southwest Michigan, near Lake Michigan. Interests? I love to visit plant nurseries—I collect rare and unusual plants and visit Botanic Gardens wherever I am. Also, I raise purebred poultry. 2. Number of years owning, showing and/or judging dogs? I have been showing and breeding purebred dogs since 1972. I put my judges application in about 15 years ago. 3. Describe your breed in three words: Corgies: fun-loving, bold and trainable. Tibetan Spaniels: elegant, independent and watchful. 4. What traits, if any, are becoming exaggerated? Trimming! Trimming is becoming almost epidem- ic. Judges, please follow the standard and place these dogs at the end of the line, no matter who is on the end of the leash. Please! 5. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? What shortcomings are you willing to forgive? Must haves: pretty head with well-placed ears. A muzzle that is broad, with good depth of chin. No long, snipey muzzles; no low, hound-like ears. Good level topline with a well set on tail. I like a nicely boned dog, with good movement. Remem- ber this breed needs to have bow in the front legs. I cannot forgive straight front legs. I can forgive a round eye. 6. While judging, do you see any trends you’d like to see continued or stopped? AKC is trying to reintroduce dog shows as a fam- ily sport. They need to bring back Match Shows independent of point shows. By a half hour after BIS everyone is tired, dogs included. The average person is more likely to bring his or her dog to a

Joe and Murrel both had dogs as children. Their first joint enterprise was when their sons were old enough to want a Collie. They bred and showed Collies and Shelties until Joe’s retirement from the Air Force. They then returned to the breed of Joe’s childhood, Smooth Fox Terriers—several

Champions and Bests in Show followed. Joe has been judging for 38 years and judges all breeds. Murrel started judging after retiring from teaching and now judges the Hound, Toy, Non- Sporting and Herding Groups, plus Fox Terriers and Manchester Terriers.


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