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Lines From Linda: Candid Candidates Part II


has more information to make informed decisions than is available to Delegates. There is an obligation for as much transparency as possible. As a past Board Member, I was always willing to share the rationale for a decision. As a past AKC Director I do find Delegate’s often do not approach Directors with questions regarding decisions. To provide more transparency it would be helpful to create a forum where interactions with Directors would be easy. One such idea is to hold, at every Delegate meeting, an exchange with the Chair and “rotating” Directors where questions can be asked and, in most cases, answered. On appropriate issues, during my ser- vice the Board did seek Delegate Committee input. It was the rare cases where the committee recommendation was not incorporated. JAMES DOK

of America since 1992. I have an AKC Judges’ Associa- tions Membership with the Dog Judges Association, the American Dog Judges Association and the Senior Confor- mation Dog Judges Association. 3. Please share any leadership experience in other non-dog activities that will prepare you for Board service. Also any significant highlights of your professional career and how they will complement your AKC Board service. Professional business acumen focused upon my past 30 years, incorporated Warehousing and Transporta- tion (The BEKINS Group) from 1968-1978 and Financial Services (The UNUM Group) from 1980-1997. I retired in 2005. Benchmarks with tenure at The BEKINS Group grew from early employment as a Teamster Driver, to be the youngest District Manager ever appointed (20 years age difference with my peers.) Final experience level focused upon being selected with two other management individuals, responsibility of Company/Teamsters labor contract negotiations. I had successful negotiations sav- ing the Bekins Group more than $7.4 M in labor cost. 4. What role should AKC play in the years ahead and do you believe AKC is on track to accomplish it? What is your motivation for wishing to serve on the AKC Board of Directors? What difference do you hope to make? Personally, I know that the AKC is heading in the right direction, considering the correctness of our Business Platform decisions. These outside business investments (LLC’s,) have an expected shelf life over the next 6-10 years, upon which the decision to retain (make market,) or divest of these assets at which time our ROI are deter- mined to be beneficial to AKC. The significance of these outside investments, have a common bond with our “core sport platform commit- ments.” Two competent “Board of Managers” comprised of five existing Board Members preside over the develop- ment/evolution of each investment. Four additional years elected to the Board of Direc- tors on a final four-year term, will provide continued continuity toward two important initiatives I have been assigned. One being the JRC ( Judges’ Review Committee) is transformational as we speak today; the other is the AKC Explosive Detection Dog Task Force, which is just wrapping up our momentum on achieving this important domestic dog priority. I would very much project this initiative will come to fruition over the next four years; exciting for AKC along with the American Public. 5. Bringing and retaining new people into AKC sports is essential if our sports are to survive. How would you address this challenge? Some might say this is “too simple!”. I strongly believe that we need to not forget our juniors after they have matriculated out at age eighteen! All efforts we can effectively develop to keep them engaged/or re-engaged is essential to our success on the core sport side of the ledger. Ancillary venues to engage

1. Please share your back- ground in purebred dogs including breeding and events. I’ve been an exhibitor since 1978, a breeder of Basset Hounds (Castlehill) since 1980 and have won multiple BIS, SBIS on Basset Hounds with National Ranking as #1 Basset Hound over 15 years and multiple BIS ranking in English Setters (GUYS n DOLLS.) I’m also a

Breeder of record, partnering with Kathy Forbes (SKY- LINE,) on their 13" Beagles, achieving National Recogni- tion of our joint efforts in Beagles. Overall, more than 85 AKC Bench Champions, and numerous AKC Obedience titles on Basset Hounds we have bred, exhibited by two accomplished competent owner/exhibitors. 2. Please share your participation and leadership experience in dog organizations as well as your involvement as a Delegate (length of service, com- mittee membership, etc.) Extensive AKC Club Development from founding mem- ber of a breed specific licensed Specialty Club (Greater San Diego Basset Hound Club,) to being assigned to numerous All Breed Club Board of Directors, serving as Delegate to the American Kennel Club (Santa Clara, Gig Harbor,) to President, Recording Secretary, Parliamentar- ian and Auditor. I’ve had Parent Club affiliations within the Basset Hound Club of America, since 1980 and was recently nominated to life member in 2017. I served as President (1999-2000), Parliamentarian (1985-1996), BHCA Nationals Coordinator (2009., BHCA Nationals Show Chairman (1997., BHCA National Futurity Chairman (1995), Event Founder BHCA Bylaws Committee (1985- 2013) and Chairman (2001-2006). Parent Club Affiliations: Basset Hound Club of America since 1980, Beagle Club of America since 1997, English Setter Club of America since 1989 and Dachshund Club


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