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Lines From Linda: Candid Candidates Part II


I have been involved with purebred dogs since the age of eight with my father, who bred German Shorthair Pointers. After completing a military/law enforce- ment career, I discovered the Spinone Italiano in the 1990s and as an avid hunter I fell in love with the breed. I am a AKC pointing breed

Agents Association. After a military/law enforcement career I worked as a regional supervisor for ICPI (now called the National Insurance Crime Bureau) supervising Special Agents for all of New England and the South- ern states before entering into a career as an insurance claims manager, retiring in 2000. 4. Please share significant highlights of your profes- sional career and how they will complement your AKC Board service. In 2003 I volunteered to help train a unit of National Guard Military Police and we were deployed to Iraq, eventually serving in the Baghdad area until April of 2004. This type of work prepares you to work under pressure and build teamwork. I love dogs and how they contribute to the betterment of the human condition. If elected to the board I would be someone who understands and has been actively involved in almost every area of conformation and performance events to include promoting AKC, AKC Reunite, contributions to the CHF and the AKC PAC. 5. What role should AKC play in the years ahead and do you believe AKC is on track to accomplish it? We are headed in the right direction. A lot of strategic changes have been made in the last few years and it seems we have come to realize that “people love to do things with their dogs”. All dogs. If we wish to survive as a viable dog organization we had to expand our interest to really become the “Champions of all dogs” by embrac- ing the pet owner and embracing the fancy. The reality is that we are neither large enough nor rich enough to single handily accomplish this mission. We need to sup- port the fancy and our member and licensed clubs to help us accomplish this mission. It is key to remove as “I LOVE DOGS AND HOW THEY CONTRIBUTE TO THE BETTERMENT OF THE HUMAN CONDITION.” -CHRISTOPHER SWEETWOOD

hunting test judge, CGC Evaluator, Canine Ambassador and I participate in AKC Conformation (CH), Obedience (CDX), Rally (RAE), Trick dog (TKA), Hunting Tests, Pointing (MH) and Retriever ( JHR) and Field Trials. I own Ch. Drago Castellano of Trollbo MH CD RE THDD JHR TKA CGCA (TDIGOLD, TWT), the 2013 AKC ACE award winner for therapy with my significant other. I was a speaker at the 2016 and 2017 AKC GR conferences and the New England conference and have stewarded at the AKC National Championship since 2009. I was the obedi- ence/Rally chair for my club for six years. I was recently named as an Ambassador for AKC Reunite to promote the adopt a K-9 cop program. 2. Please share your participation and leadership experience in dog organizations as well as your involvement as a Delegate (length of service, com- mittee membership, etc.) I became a delegate for Trap Falls KC in September 2008. I serve on the Delegate Field Trial/Hunting Test advisory committee as the vice chair, am a member of the Detec- tion Dog Conference Team and was on the Achiever dog committee. I received the AKC 2013 Bailey Award for my work on the Adopt a K-9 Cop Program for best promo- tion of the AKC Community and the 2016 AKC Visionary Award for my community involvement programs. I am a former board member and newsletter editor of the Spinone Parent club and Treasurer for the Southern New England Pointing Dog Club. I serve as the delegate for Trap Falls KC in the Past President board position and as the newsletter editor. I am also a member of the Obedience Dog Training club of Waterbury. I founded the adopt a K-9 Cop program that, in conjunction with AKC Reunite helps local police departments fund the purchase of police dogs which includes placing the AKC Reunite logo on the police patrol vehicle. To date we have been able to facilitate the purchase of dogs for Newtown, Orange, Monroe, Westport, Fairfield 2., Wilton and Stratford, Connecticut police departments. 3. Please share any leadership experience in other non- dog activities that will prepare you for Board service. I grew up influenced by the Boy Scouts of America, and still am a member as the Chartered Organization Repre- sentative for Pack and Troop 196. I am an Eagle Scout and served as a Scoutmaster for 25 years. I serve on the Board of Directors for my local American Legion and VFW Posts and am a member of The Criminal Investigation Division


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