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Dog Show Joe continued



CEU VALUE COMPONENT EDUCATIONAL UNIT (CEU) DESCRIPTION 2 Attended Judges Education Seminar At National 1 Ringside Observation with mentor at National 1 Tutoring session with qualified mentor at National 2

Seminar in Breed with Hands-on Workshop (must meet AKC criteria)

1 2 2 1 1

Seminar (only) in breed. (must meet AKC criteria)

AKC Canine College breed course (must successfully complete)

Long-term Mentor

Kennel Visit/Tutoring Session

Additional Mentor/Kennel Visit or Tutoring Session

1 Ringside Observation w/mentor (must be major entry present in the classes or significant in whole to be of value) 2 In-Ring Apprentice Training 1 Additional Apprentice Training, different mentor 2 Sweepstakes/Futurity Assignment at National Specialty 1 Sweepstakes/Futurity Assignment with any specialty 1 Assignment to judge the breed as a replacement judge or foreign assignment at AKC recog- nized registry 1 Judged breed a total of 3x In Group, BIS, Misc. etc. (includes special attraction groups, sup- ported entry sweepstakes, group show, etc.) 1 Attend Performance Event w/breed present (event pertains to the purpose of the breed) 2 Breeding & Exhibiting – Bred or exhibited 4 dogs to CH in breed 1 Phone tutoring for Low Entry Breed with breed expert tbd* Other – must attach description of experience *The number of CEU if accepted, will be determined by consultation with the judge and the Department based on the significance of the experience.

For Low Entry Breeds Only - Judge may request regular status once assigned the permit breed on six (6) occasions regardless of number of entries judged. Additional permit assignments may be required if Judges Breed Commentary (JBC) reports recom- mend further study or indicate concerns recognizing breed specific characteristics, and/or Procedural Observations display difficulties with judging proce- dures. Staff Committee reviews all requests for regular status to verify accuracy of information supplied and that all criteria have been met. Extenuating cir- cumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Judges may apply for additional breeds before achieving regular status in all permit breeds, but may not submit a request for additional breeds with- in six months of their most recent committee action. The total number of permit breeds may not exceed the maximum number allowed as displayed in the Matrix, Part 4.

THE PRECEDING WAS AN OUTLINE of the process for initial application(s). Next time we can take a look at additional breeds and requirements there- fore. Probably the most important aspect of the exercise is to share AKC’s statement in the formation of this program: It is intended to balance the need to provide a clear, education based path for approval for those aspiring to judge, and instill faith in AKC’s breeders and exhibitors that those approved to judge their breed are sufficiently prepared, while preserving the mission statement of the AKC in being for the betterment of purebred dogs. And after all, isn’t that the goal of everyone in the fancy? Hopedully this new system will put an end to some of the confusion and contention about the Judging- Approval Process. I welcome comments and questions, and other topics you’d like to see discussed. Address them to me at edi- and please use a subject line of DogShowJoe. ■ —Joseph Neil McGinnis III


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