Showsight December 2017


PUPPIES’ CHRISTMAS It’s the day before Christmas, and all through the house the puppies are squeaking an old rubber mouse. The wreath which had merrily hung on the door Is scattered in pieces all over the floor.

try your best, and be a good sport come what may. If for any reason you’re not happy spending money on an entry under that person down the line, nobodys holding a gun to your head to do so. So that’s how I always did, it and how I always will. And I thank Mrs. Thomas M. (Kay) Gately every day for the many things she taught me that have stood me in good stead. Now, don’t get me wrong; no one likes winning more than I did (and still do). But if we spray around the type of negativity I so often see online, no one wins and we all lose. And in that respect I want us all to be winners. Everybody is a winner at this years record-breaking AKC Royal Canin National Championship. With an entry of almost five thousand dogs, this show, AKC’s seventeeth, promises more than any event we’ve ever seen. The addition of the Puppy and Junior Stakes on Friday have gotten a tremendous response and Meet The Breeds® has the largest entry of breed booths in our history. Our Best Booth Contest promises to be tough! We simply can’t wait. We’ll look for you all week long in Orlando but please do visit our booth and say hello to some of the people behind the scenes that you don’t get to see quite as much as I’d like. We have a great team assembled for the fes- tivities but as always we have a stellar lineup of people in this magazine work- ing hard for you and for purebred dogs. We look forward to seeing you there. Now, one final note: As proud editor of this magazine since day one, I speak for everyone here when I wish you a fab- ulous time in Orlando, the very best of holiday seasons, and the very most promising New Year in your memory. And now for even more fun I have included the piece above right whose author is unknown but who deserves a round of applause. As do all of you for another year in service to the purebred dogs and the sport we love so much. And always remember... ShowSight Magazine wishes you all the Best!

The stockings that hung in a neat little row Now boast a hole in each dangling toe.

The tree was subjected to their bright-eyed whims, And now, although splendid, it’s missing some limbs. I catch them and hold them. Be good! I insist They lick me, then run off to see what they’ve missed. And now as I watch them the thought comes to me, That theirs is the spirit that Christmas should be. Should children and puppies yet show us the way, And teach us the joy that should come with this day? They bring us the message that’s written above, And tell us that, most of all, Christmas is love. —Anonymous


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