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Official Standard for the OTTERHOUND CONTINUED

tant than the length. The outer coat is dense, rough, coarse and crisp, of broken appearance. Softer hair on the head and lower legs is natural. The outer coat is two to four inches long on the back and shorter on the extremities. A water-resistant undercoat of short wooly, slightly oily hair is essential, but in the summer

able. There should be no discrimination on the basis of color. The nose should be dark and fully pigmented, black, liver, or slate, depending on the color of the hound. Eye rim pigment should match the nose. Gait: The Otterhound moves freely with forward reach and rear drive. The gait is smooth, effortless, and capable of being main- tained for many miles. Characteristic of the Otterhound gait is a very loose, shambling walk, which springs imme- diately into a loose and very long strid- ing, sound, active trot with natural extension of the head. The gallop is smooth and exceptionally long strid- ing. Otterhounds single track at slow speeds. Otterhounds do not lift their feet high off the ground and may shuf- fle when they walk or move at a slow trot. The Otterhound should be shown on a loose lead. Temperament: The Otterhound is amiable, boisterous and even-tempered.

months may be hard to find except on the thighs and shoulders. The ears are well covered with hair, and the tail is feathered (covered and fringed with hair). A naturally stripped coat lacking length and fringes is correct for an Otterhound that is being worked. A proper hunting coat will show a hard outer coat and wooly undercoat. The Otterhound is shown in a natural coat, with no sculpturing or shaping of the coat. Faults - A soft outer coat is a very serious fault as is a wooly textured

outer coat. Lack of undercoat is a serious fault. An outer coat much longer than six inches becomes heavy when wet and is a fault. Any evidence of stripping or scissoring of coat to shape or stylize should be strong- ly penalized as a fault.

Approved October 10, 1995 Effective November 30, 1995

Color: Any color or combination of colors is accept-

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