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Lines From Linda: Candid Candidates


from September, 2008 to present and Santa Clara Valley Ken- nel Club from September, 1993 to September, 2008. I have been on the All Breed Club Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee for three years, as well as the Delegate Advocacy and Advancement Committee for the past elev- en years. I’m on the Ad Hoc Committee Chairman “Judges Affairs Committee” presently. I have been serving as the AKC Trial Board Officer continuously since 1998 and was appoint- ed by the AKC Board of Directors. I am a chairman for reduc- tion of delegates meeting and a member of “Future Nature of the Delegate Body” Committee for the past three years. I’m also an AKC Breeder of Merit and an AKC Humane Fund founding member. I’m a member of the Basset Hound Club of America since 1980; I have been the President, Parliamentarian, on the Board of Directors, a Nationals Coordinator, Show Chairman and Futurity Chairman and have served on the Bylaws Committee. I have also been a member of the Beagle Club of America, English Setter Association of America and the Dachshund Club of America. I was also the founding President of the Greater San Diego Basset Hound Club and a member of the Northern California Basset Hound Club and Blossom Valley Beagle Club. Additional affiliations I have relating to pure bred dogs include being an AKC licensed judge, being President for four year of the California Federation of Dog Clubs and represent- ed the AKC in the California Coalition of Companion Animal Activists and was designated to replace Wayne Cavanaugh and John Mandeville following their first two years. I’ve attended the Kellogg West Conference at Pomona, California in 1993 and the AKC Institute on the Sporting Breeds in San Jose, California in 1998. I’m a member of the Dog Judges Association, American Dog Judges Association and the Senior Conformation Dog Judges Association. I’ve held numerous offices including President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Director, Par- liamentarian, Committee Chairman, Bylaws, All Breed and Breed Specific Show Chairman, BHCA National Coordinator

in 2009 and periphery areas of responsibility to numerous to record. I have had experience with group presentations and can comfortably address issues before the dog fancy includ- ing: responsible dog breeding, anti-dog legislation, litigation risks in management and breed specific issues. I also am a des- ignated judge’s mentor, since 1985, and am active on bench hearing committees for the Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club. JAN RICHIE GLADSTONE DELEGATE, RICHMOND DOG FANCIERS CLUB SINCE 2002

I love the AKC because I believe in purebred dogs, the dedicated AKC breeders responsible for true to purpose purebred dogs, the devoted AKC parent clubs which protect our breed standards and nurture our breeders and the committed AKC All Breed, Agility and Obedience and Dog Training Clubs which tirelessly toil to pres- ent events to showcase our dogs’

unique talents. I love the AKC because I believe in our family of AKC exhibitors who show their passion for dogs in compe- tition in conformation, companion and performance events, fair weather or foul, across the country. I love the AKC because I believe in AKC / CHF’s mission to improve the quality of life for dogs and humans, AKC/ Reunite’s aid to animals in natural disasters and animal recov- ery and the AKC Humane Fund’s goal to promote responsible dog ownership. I am an active AKC Breeder of Merit and exhibitor of Smooth Fox Terriers and Cardigan Welsh Corgis. A Champion Leonberger and a hopeful future Champion English Setter, co-owned with Rebecca Yuhasz make up the balance of my current household. I owned the Number One Smooth Fox Terrier in 2000. My latest litter was whelped October 16, with many wonderful dogs and bitches in the interim. I judge a number of Terriers and one Toy breed. I serve as President of the Fox Terrier Club of Maryland. I am a Mem- ber of the Board of my parent club, the American Fox Terrier Club, a Parent Club Mentor and Current Chair of our Meet The Breeds Booth. My initiative for the AFTC is Youth Out- reach and New Member Mentoring and Recruitment. I am Chief Ring Steward and a Member of the Board of Governors for the Bryn Mawr Kennel Club. I am also a Mem- ber of Morris&Essex Kennel Club. I am a past Show Chair, Board Member and Secretary for the Greater Naples Dog Club, where I was active when living in Florida, presently my part-time home and a former AKC Trial Board Chair, familiar with Event Committee appeals and the situations which pro- voke them in our current dog world. I now serve on the AKC Bylaws Committee.



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