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This Löwchen has the perfect silhouette—great height to body proportions, substantial head, great muzzle to back skull proportions, great tail carriage and top line and proper trim.

Example of a great head study. Broad skull and muzzle, big round, dark eyes with width between them.

Another area of great importance is the head and expression. It is said to be the Hallmark in breed char- acteristic. Similar to the height and body proportions the standard asks for a well-defined muzzle to head proportion, both being broad and of good substance. Th e muzzle is to be the same length as the back skull or slightly shorter is preferred. Th e eyes are dark, round and large. Not like that of a Pug as they are too prominent, but more like a Bichon without the halos. Brown or Champagne colored dogs can have lighter eyes. Combined with the proper broadness of skull and muzzle you will have a bright, alert, expressive and well- constructed head piece that will not be forgotten. Th e coat should be similar to that of a Maltese except not single mcoated but very dense. Not too course like you will find on a Lhasa, but more fine and soft but yet full, for a “flat coat” (no under coat) is a severe fault as are wooly, wiry, and curly coats. Th e only disqualification you will find in the Löwchen standard is for trimming of the coat. Th at includes both the specified trim as well as shaping and trimming of the long coat. Upon exami- nation, one needs to simply lift the coat from the fore quarters to see if the exhibit is clipped from the elbow down to the height of hock in the rear. Very delicately move the hair o ff the toes to see that they are clipped to where dewclaws would be but not as far as a poodle. Th is creates a “cu ff ” or a bracelet over the feet. Be sure that the “ru ff ” or pack on the body starts at the last rib and continues down the body and hind legs to the hock. Th e tail is clipped half way up from the base so there is a plume. It is extremely important to under- stand the di ff erence between an adult coat and a puppy coat while evaluating trimming. A puppy will have body coat that is full, o ff standing and all one length

Grooming the Löwchen: The shaded areas represent the areas to be clipped.

“Combined with the proper broadness of skull and muzzle you will have a BRIGHT, ALERT, EXPRESSIVE and well-constructed head piece that will not be forgotten.”

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