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giving the appearance that it is trimmed, but is most likely not. While the adult dog will have a slightly less dense coat with natural breakage, giving the proper look and lay of the coat with no evidence of trimming. As the hair on the cu ff s grow, they will be most susceptible to breakage and expect some symmetry in the shape as natural breakage occurs. Th e movement of the Löwchen calls for an e ff ortless open gait with good reach and drive and proper (high) head carriage. Much like that of a horse in an extended trot. Th ey are to cover ground and are allowed to converge slight- ly to the center line as speed is increased so do not accept a typical toy or terrier like movement in the Löwchen. In summary any qualified judge can judge any breed in general structure and basic movement. Understanding the “essence” of each breed is the challenge. Th e Löwchen standard clearly defines those characteristics that separate them from other breeds. Appreciating and understanding those points will allow judges to sort out an entry of Löwchen and find the one with the best breed type. After all, a mutt can be sound and well structured, but without having the “essence” of a breed, what breed is it?

Above: Excellent example of breed type. Below: Outstanding example of a Löwchen head.

BIO As Carol Strong

(my Mom) brought her first Löwchen into this country in the 80s she became very passion- ate about the breed. As they became recog- nized by the AKC in

the late 90s she shared her breeding pro- gram with the dog fancy through exhibit- ing her Löwchen at shows. My mom headed judges education for many years, produced many champions including one of 3 Best in show winners within the breed, Breed and winners dog/bitch at nationals in the US and Canada, breed winners at several AKC/Eukanuba Invitational and West- minster KC as well as the only Löwchen to place in the group at Westminster to this date. To say the least, Carol was not only a premier breeder of the Löwchen, but loved to share her knowledge about the breed.

She worked tirelessly to educate people on not just what the breed is all about and how to judge it, but what a great family dog they are as well. Th rough the process, I am guilty by association and can only hope that I absorbed a fraction of Mom’s knowledge and passion for this wonderful breed. Since her passing in January of 2011,

I have taken on the challenge to continue what she started and to educate both show and pet people alike about this breed. I have spent my life in dogs and as a profes- sional Handler of 30 years have assisted many of my clients in the process of breed- ing dogs. So, Under Mom’s kennel name “Bihar” we are moving forward with her breeding program as well.

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