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When it comes to color, taking literary freedom with the “Forest Gump” quote, Löwchen “are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get”. White partis, Irish Pied, Sables—the vari- ety is endless and you can get several dif- ferent colors in one litter. Just as Löwchen can come in any range of color and have a pre-disposition to change color, fading and darkening over the years, their per- sonalities can be as di ff erent as night and day. Based on the history of the breed many of us believe that there are actu- ally two very distinct types of tempera- ment within the breed itself. One, the laid back easy going companion dog, the other more terrier like, busier and ready to take on the world. For that reason it is very important for the breeder you are dealing with to know your lifestyle and expecta- tions as they are best suited to match you with the right puppy. An individual who wants to do obedience and agility work would be looking for a puppy with more energy than a retired couple who just want to have a dog to sit with and take for walks. Most of us, as breeders, have had both types of Löwchen at one time or another. Like any breed, there are some health issues. We have been fortunate with having a relatively healthy breed; however there is some PRA. As well, hips and patellas should be checked. Liver and kidney issues have cropped up from time to time and sadly, cancer spares no man or beast. If the puppy is not socialized and taught to be alone, he can su ff er from separation anxiety. Th ey are naturally social little dogs that enjoy other dogs and animals but should have a fenced

yard so they don’t wander to “see what’s on the other side”, as they have a keen sense of curiosity. Th ey de fi nitely need routine to ensure they are housetrained properly or this can become problem- atic. And, as mentioned, the challenge with this breed is to maintain your sense of humor when they decide to get into some mischief! Barbara Cecil wrote about one of her experiences with the late Pistol in the ring: “...Pistol made his debut in the AKC Open obedience class Sunday (inci- dental brag—he won fi rst place with a 198) wowing the crowd and judge in the process. After watching dog after dog plod through the exercises, the judge was grinning ear-to-ear as Pistol performed everything at warp speed. Pistol’s retrieves—one on the fl at and one over the jump—are par- ticularly noteworthy: he fl ies out to the dumbbell, grabs it, then fl ips his rear almost over his head (this is hard to describe) lands facing me, and then fl ies back in for the front. It’s pretty spectacular and no, I didn’t teach him to do it that way, it’s something he invented himself. “Well, the fi rst place dog in each class got a toy from a big laundry basket full of toys that a steward brought into the ring. I asked the steward, a rather grim young woman, to put the basket on the fl oor and let Pistol pick out his own toy…she arched an eyebrow, but did it anyway. Pistol jumped into the basket and grabbed one toy that had a dainty squeak. Th at wouldn’t do! He grabbed another that had no squeak at all. Toss it! No, not this one! Not that

one either! Almost disappearing into the pile of toys, he at last surfaced with a huge pink pig that, to Pistol’s delight, went SQUEAL! OINK! SQUEAL! OINK! Perfect! “Everyone clapped and Pistol was pleased as punch. ‘My,’ said the ring steward, putting the discarded toys back into the basket, ‘Your dog has… hmmmm… an abundance of personality.” “Now is that a great compliment or what? I’m not sure the steward meant it that way, but that’s how I’m going to take it. Mr. Personality, in abundance! SQUEAL! OINK! Perfect!” Is a Löwchen right for you? Th is lit- tle-known breed has so much to o ff er and while a Löwchen may not be for everyone, the RIGHT Löwchen is a pure delight! BIO Gillian Robertson of Tapestry Ken- nels started showing dogs at 16 when she acquired her first Collie. However, her main breed for 25 years was Shelties. Gillian has judged Sweeps for Sheltie Specialties in both Canada and the US, as well as Breeders Sweeps at the 2012 Canadian National, and two Jr. Han- dling Zone finals in Canada. She fell in love with the Löwchen after seeing them at a show and was fortunate to be mentored by the late Carol Strong, Bihar. She is currently the LCA Awards Chair and Editor of “Headlions”, the Löwchen Club of America quarterly publication. Gillian holds the position of Ontario Director for the Löwchen Club of Canada.

“Just as Löwchen can come in any range of color and have a pre-disposition to change color, fading and darkening over the years, THEIR PERSONALITIES CAN BE AS DIFFERENT AS NIGHT AND DAY.”

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