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GENA BOX I live in College Station, Texas. I am a cpa andwork for STgenetics. I have shown for over 25 years, but just started judging a couple of years ago. I have been the assistant judges education chair for the past several years. ARLENE RUBENSTEIN I live in Scottsdale Arizona and have been raising Mala- mutes for over 40 years. I have raced them in the desert in the winter months. NANCY RUSSELL

We moved from Wisconsin to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in 2004. Our home is at the base of Silver Moun- tain about 18 miles went of Walsenburg. Bordered by 2000 acres of State Wildlife Preserve, I can run the dog team from our yard. Other than being the bookkeeper for my husband’s busi- ness, my life has revolved around animals. The whole fam- ily was active in the local saddle club. We had a private zoo. Over the years, we raised and housed at least 35 different species from ferrets to a 500 lb. African lion. We did school and Department of Natural Resources programs with the zoo animals as well as the dogs. They have been in parades, TV commercials, magazine ads, billboards and one of our wolves was in a “B” movie called “Fever Lake”. Our last wild animal was Crisco, a 50 lb. bobcat, who lived in our home with the Siamese cats until he passed away at just under 16 years of age. In 1964, I saw an adorable Alaskan Malamute puppy that my cousin had just purchased from a neighbor. We went immediately and purchased one from the litter for $35. That puppy became Russell’s Veti Rose CD ROM, the dam of 11 Champions. My obedience instructor suggested I enter the local dog show and helped me enter Veti in the Novice Class. I won a blue ribbon and a trophy. I was hooked! I was a professional handler from 1975 to 2000 when I started judging. I now judge the Working Group, BIS, 13 Non Sporting breeds, six Herding, one Hound, one Toy and Misc. WENDY WILLHAUCK

As owner of Storm Kloud Kennel the dogs I have bred have obtained 235 AKC Championships and equally as many AMCA working titles and 145 BIS on six continents. We are equally as proud of all the obedience, rally, therapy dog, ROM’s (top producing) and other titles they have earned. From l985 to 2001 dogs I bred were in the top ten Alaskan Mala-

mutes. Six of those years I was the breeder, owner of the #1 Malamute which was handled by myself or my daughter, Jeri El’Dissi. As a research project to see if my Malamutes could still survive and work in the Arctic, I had a team of 15 dogs trained and driven in the 1994 Iditarod Race in Alaska by my friend, Professional Musher Jamie Nelson. I feel very strongly that breed function should never be lost in the show dog. I have had the privilege of judging the Alaskan Malamute National Specialty twice. And have judged Specialties and all breed shows in Canada, England, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. And am look- ing forward to judging in Israel in October. I am a life member of the Alaskan Malamute Club of Amer- ica and have served as President, Vice President and Judges Education Chair and on many other committees. I am a charter member of the Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin and presently a member of the Southern Colorado Kennel Club.

I have been involved with this Breed since 1970 when I met Mrs. Eva Seeley, mother of the Breed, and pur- chased my foundation bitch, Kotzebue Miki of Chinook. My husband, Paul, and I have bred and shown group winning and specialty winning Mala- mutes and Siberian Huskies.

I have been judging since 1994 and have judged in 17 different countries. I am presently approved for the Working, Sporting, Herding and Toy groups as well as eight Non-Sporting breeds. I moved several months ago to Port St Lucie, Florida. I am a retired English teacher and have also been involved with adult literacy. I have been involved in the Sport of Pure Bred


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