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T he Japanese Chin is an ancient breed brought forth through generations for one thing. This breed’s only job is to be adorned as a beautiful creature of living art. If you look at antiquities, you may find a representative of this breed which looks very similar to the dogs in the show ring today. Though it is thought that the breed originated in China, it crossed over to Japan through the Silk Trade routes where the coun- try made it its own. As with all things Japanese, this breed was a sight to behold and treasure, as it was owned and cherished mostly by the nobility and given as living gifts to ambassadors

in high society treaties and traveling dignitaries. The Japanese Chin was one of the earliest breeds to be registered with the AKC, being registered in 1888, the same year that August Belmont Jr. became the club’s president. The first Japanese Chin, still known as the Japa- nese Spaniel, to be registered with the AKC, was a male of unknown parentage and breeder named Jap. The Japanese Chin is an “extreme” breed in their breed standard. Many things that are wanted in this breed, to make its characteristics unique, are not found in many other breeds. They are small and solidly built yet refined. They have an inquisitive, bright, alert and

intelligent expression. This breed looks into your eyes and can read your soul. The head and face of the Japanese Chin are perhaps the breed’s most defining features. Additionally, the Japa- nese Chin would never be described as wrinkly or jowly, unlike a Pug. The eyes should be large, round, set far apart, dark as possible with a small amount of white in the inside corners of the orbit, giving it the characteristic “startled” or “astonished” look. The skull is large, broad and slightly rounded between the ears but not domed. Their ears as small and v-shaped also set wide apart slightly set below the crown of the skull and well feathered. Their profile is


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