Showsight - March 2022


1. What is the name of your show/cluster? Our club is Great Barrington Kennel Club and we have held back-to back shows. 2. Where are your shows held? When? Our shows are held at Eastern States Exposition, W. Springfield, Massachusetts. We just held this year’s shows on Saturday, February 5 & 6, 2022. 3. Can you please provide a brief history of your club? Our club was incorporated in 1941 and, years ago, our shows were con- sidered prestigious and were originally held at Butternut Basin. After that, we held shows outside at the Great Barrington Fair- grounds. When the grounds were damaged, we decided to have two separate shows a year in conjunction with other kennel clubs that are held at indoor venues. About 10-15 years ago, the club decided to hold back-to-back shows at Eastern States Exposition. Doing the back-to-back shows has been the best decision our club made! 4. How are the following accommodated at your show/cluster: Parking; Grooming; Bathing; Hospitality; Vendors; Public Education? Our show site, Eastern States Exposition, has a huge area for both exhibitor parking and RV accommoda- tions. Our shows are held in the Better Living Building, which is an indoor site of approximately five acres. There is a tre- mendous amount of room for grooming set-ups, vendors, and exhibitors. We have a variety of pamphlets at our club table, which includes both AKC and our club’s information. Our members are also more than willing to answer questions when spectators come to our club table. We only have about 5-6 club members who work at our shows, but they are awesome and our club table of awards/prizes looks beautiful. Our members are also on top of ring hospitality and can answer most ques- tions from exhibitors or spectators. 5. Does your show/cluster offer the National Owner-Handled Series? Junior Showmanship? 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy? Best Bred-By? Specialties? Supported Entries? Great Bar- rington KC offers NOHS, Junior Showmanship Classes, 4-6 Month Beginner Puppy Classes, and we have had three sup- ported entries at our shows. 6. How are judging panels determined? Who stewards at your show(s)/cluster? We have a Judges Selection Committee of Ellen Shanahan (Assistant Chair), Nioma Coen (Vice Presi- dent) and myself. The three of us have been in the show world for mega years and know most of the judges, pros and cons. This always makes me feel comfortable with the judges we hire. We hire The Stewards Club of America, which covers steward- ing for all of our rings. 7. Are Breed Seminars and Judges Education offered? We don’t offer breed seminars or judges education. 8. How are your show(s)/cluster promoted? TV? Radio? Print Media? Social Media? We mainly promote our shows through social media and local news media. Plus, Eastern States Expo also promotes our shows through their website. 9. What are some of the challenges that you’ve had to face as show/cluster chair? Well, the past two years have been quite challenging as a Show Chair. Last year (2021), we were one of a handful of clubs that decided to hold our shows during

ABOUT GLORIA MCCLAY Gloria McClay started her life in the dog showing world when she was in her early twenties. She first competed at obedience trials with a Schipperke and a Keeshond. Gloria was encouraged to join Great Barrington Kennel Club in 1981. At that time, most

members were breeders and AKC judges. Hearing all of their brags about their conformation show wins, Gloria decided to purchase “Teena,” her first show prospect Schipperke. Teena not only had beauty, but also brains and she obtained titles on both ends of her registered name; AKC Championship, CD in Obedience, Therapy Dog, and Canine Good Citizen. Teena was Gloria’s start toward becoming a breeder/owner-handler in the conformation ring, and she bred Schips for 25-30 years and produced eight champions. She only bred when she needed a show dog. In 1996, Gloria started a dog training/grooming business with her second husband, Mike. When the pair first met, Mike had a Rottweiler named “Fritz” and just loved the breed. The couple purchased their first Rottie show bitch, “Yetta,” who became pointed toward her AKC Championship and held the titles of CD, Therapy Dog, Canine Good Citizen, and TT. Yetta and Gloria visited many middle schools together and educated the children about dogs and the importance of training. The kids just loved Yetta! Gloria owned and operated her business for 23 years, and retired last year. She and Mike have lived with numerous Schipperkes and five Rottweilers throughout their 27 years of marriage. They now have a Pit Bull mix, “Schuyler,” who was on death row at a shelter (they adopted him 12 years ago), and they have a 14-month-old Rottweiler named “Dain.” Gloria hopes that Dain becomes an AKC Champion and will maybe have a Rally title or two, plus, she might even do carting with him! Regarding her tenure as a GBKC member, Gloria has held the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and is currently the Treasurer and Show Chairman of the club’s shows.


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