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Prior to judging, LaMar was an AKC-licensed all-breed han- dler. We are breeders of approximately 100 Champions, including multiple BIS, BISS, Group 1st and ASC National win- ners. We have bred/owned three top producers, each sires of BIS and BISS, National winners and accomplished perfor- mance dogs. We were Breeder/Owner/Handlers of the top- winning bitch in the history of breed, retired in 1969. She also was the only mother and daughter in the history of ASC to win BV & BW at ASC National. We are Lifetime Members of American Spaniel Club, serving in various positions, con- ducting multiple breed and breeder seminars and also cur- rent member of Archives Committee. It has been one of our highest honors to be inducted into the prestigious American Spaniel Club Hall of Fame for our and our Cockers’ contribu- tion to the breed over the many years.

I live in Simi Valley, California and I love to play bridge, at least twice a week. I have been involved in the sport of pure-bred dogs for over 60 years as a breeder, exhibi- tor, AKC-licensed all-breed handler and an AKC Judge since 1980. NANCY GALLANT

1. Describe the breed in three words. CA: Expression, compact and sturdy. NG: Movement with beauty. DK: “Cockery”, balanced and merry.

I am from Michigan. I am a retired teacher, and work at thrift shop and food bank. I’ve been involved in the dog world for 33 years, showing for 32 years and judging for 15 years. DAVID KITTREDGE I have spent most of my life in upstate New York. Currently, I live in Rochester. Beyond my dog activities, I’m interested in hiking, biking, camping, boating and cars. I have had Cocker Spaniels all my life. I bred and showed Cockers for about 25 years before I started judging. I have been judging for 20 years. ELAINE E. MATHIS LaMar, my husband, and I have been successfully breeding Cocker Spaniels since 1957; so for 58 years we’ve been under the “LaMar” prefix. I have had the pleasure of owning AKC Cocker Spaniels since childhood. Judging for 43 years, I was originally approved to judge all Spaniels in 1972 and proceeded in approval to judge five AKC groups.

EM: Living with Cockers, I would describe the breed in my three words: they are devoted, clean and have intelligent Sporting dog instincts. As with most breeds, they have the great desire and willingness to please their humans. This breed has remained a popular breed for long over 100 years due to these traits. 2. What are your “must have” traits in this breed? CA: Soft, appealing expression, a good muzzle, arched neck, clean shoulders, have forechest, slightly sloping topline with a hard back and tail is docked and a continuation of the spine at a 45 degree angle, not Terrier-tailed, have reach and drive and never to appear long and low. NG: Movement, balance, a look that makes you say, “Ahhh!” DK: Correct body proportions, correct head type, hard back, correct tail set and carriage, proper balanced angu- lation and outgoing temperament. EM: The must have traits that make the composite of a good Cocker Spaniel are type, temperament and construction to function as a Sporting breed. I find our standard very adequately describes these three ideals. The construction should consist of the correct balance of front and rear, giving the effortless movement for endurance; as well as correct topline and the adequate spring of rib for heart and lung capacity. Only correct shoulder angles will give the layback of withers and the rounded forechest with fill

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