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In December of 2015, Gun Dog magazine pub- lished an article on the Cocker Spaniel to show how wonderful this breed is in the field. The article began, “Long stereotyped as frilly dogs, the dimin- utive American Cocker Spaniel is reclaiming its heritage as a capable performer afield.” Despite the precious show ring appearance, a number of Cock- ers, including champions, are doing just fine in the field; finding, flushing, and fetching the birds.” So, in conclusion, I would like to say, please judge this breed with the idea that form follows function. If you would like to see a video of a Cocker in action in the field, go to the Great Lakes American Cocker Spaniel hunting enthusiast website: http://www.gla- . Then click on Hunting Cocker Spaniels/ Wisconsin. When you get onto the website, click on Club Info and the video will appear.

Savvy, Ch. Fourfold Gardian Angel. Savvy is an American Champion imported from Sweden, breeder Pernilla Falk. Savvy is also starting to work in the field.


I have been breeding and showing Cocker Spaniels for over 30 years and English Cocker Spaniels for 15 years. I judge all the Sporting breeds and the Non-Sporting Group. My dog showing career has been very successful, with four of my greatest memories being: Winning the Futurity at the American Spaniel Club, twice at the Cocker National (the winners were mother and son), winning the Sweepstakes at the English Cocker National, and winning Best in Show at the American Spaniel Club with a black bitch who went on to be Number One Cocker. I have also been involved in many dog clubs, holding several offices over the years. I am currently the Judges’ Education Director for the American Spaniel Club. I was instrumental in developing a new Powerpoint and a field video, which are shown to judges. I have presented several times at Michigan Sporting Dog seminars and presented at the Orlando and Louisville shows. My most recent accomplishment has been to compete in Hunt Tests with my bench-bred Champion Cocker Spaniel. He now has three Master legs, which makes me ecstatic. I also have Agility dogs. My battle cry for people who have dogs is to let them do what they were bred to do. It will be so rewarding for you and your dog. Seeing a hunting dog in the field, doing his thing, is a wonderful experience. But whatever your circumstances, don’t just finish a dog and let it sit in a crate.


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