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are grateful if table time is kept brief ! Don’t fault Min Pins for moving or wiggling on the table. Standing still on the table (or not) has nothing to do with quality and should not in fl uence your placements. Very important: DO NOT FORCE THE SINGLE ENTRY RIGHT UP ON THE TABLE! Just as you send a class of fi ve around the ring once before tabling, the singleton should be granted the same courtesy. Th is is only fair, relaxes the dog and, contrary to what some believe, takes no extra time. On the ground many Min Pins are eas- ily distracted and don’t stand still for long.

I don’t care if they stand perfectly in a row like little toy soldiers facing the same direction. However, I want to see them “show o ff ”. Th ey may do this by baiting for the handler, watching a dog in the next ring, watching a bird or butter fl y at an outdoor show, or whatever else catches their eye!! Th ey are active and curious, but tend to have a short attention span. Not knowing what they will do next is part of their charm. Don’t be annoyed by their behavior; relax and learn to enjoy their antics! Also remember Min Pins are not hand stacked on the ground, they should be taught to show themselves. If handlers

are down and hand stacking, ask them to stand and allow the dog to show o ff . Min Pins often stop and shake at least once when moving. Th ey should gait with head and tail up. Ears do not have to be up while moving. Some exhibitors string up the dog tightly in an e ff ort to hide a poor front or in the mistaken belief that the dog will have better front action. Don’t hesitate to ask for a loose lead. A Min Pin moving out smartly ahead of the handler is delightful, but this is “icing on the cake” and not all of them can or will do this. A Min Pin who “slinks” around the ring or moves with tail down should

“They are active and curious, but tend to have a short attention span. NOT KNOWING WHAT THEY WILL DO NEXT IS PART OF THEIR CHARM.”

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