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seemed like a good fit. Due to working full-time and other factors I was never a prolific breeder. I enjoyed placing good, healthy hounds with people who would appreciate them. In the process I also developed some wonderful friends, sever- al of whom have had three to five dogs of my breeding. For highlights, I’d have to say it was the father-son repeat of going Best of Winners at National Specialties in 2004 and 2010 with my Bred-by-Exhibitor hounds Alamo and Stony. Stony topped his father by also going Grand Sweeps Winner. But, truth- fully, every day with one of my hounds is a highlight because of their sweet and loving temperaments. I have judged the breed since 2007. I also started my judging career with Bas- set Hounds. I am working on completing the Hound group now that I have more freedom in my working schedule. I have been a member of the Minnesota Racing Commission for over 20 years. I am currently President of the American Bloodhound Club. SUZI PAINE My first show dog was an

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Irish Setter, back in the late 1960s. I became interested in Bloodhounds at the shows and brought my first one, a young male named Clyde (after Clyde Reed), into my life in the summer of 1980. We started as Northwest Bloodhound Search and Rescue members that year, and I was fortunate to be mentored by Clyde and his wife Lena, both of whom were a wealth of knowledge about all things Bloodhound at that time. I was fascinated

I started in this breed in the late 1980s, originally with a Bloodhound I bought for my (then) husband, a police officer interested in canine work. Because I believe in well-bred dogs I took close to a year to find a quality hound from a breeder who also showed in conformation. That dog’s temperament was amazing and I quickly fell in love with the breed. Like Pringles, you can’t have just one; six months later I had a puppy to show—and then another. I live on seven acres in Hugo, Minnesota, an outer suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul. My kennel name is Citation, named for a great race horse and also meaning “an award.” I am a veterinarian and have been active in horse racing for my entire adult life, so that name

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