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always had young littermates to socialize. Days were long so we’d all sit around talking dog and playing with the puppies until our classes were called. It was here I met the Ha’Penny dogs and became friends with Dick and his wife. Through them I also got to know Robert Greitzer, who owned Moon- shadow, a dog they bred. He also had a Saluki at the time, my other breed. As these puppies hit the “real” show ring, we’d often stay and watch each other’s breed, frequently judged just before or after our own. Later, when I decided to add rest of the Herding group, Beardies were one of the first breeds I applied for. IAN COPUS

Drawn to the breed by their outgoing personality, I started in Bearded Collies in 1978. Coming from Leeds, England to Florida, my husband and I previous- ly owned and bred OES. Realizing our accomplishments, goals and limitations with the OES, we made the decision to switch breeds and enter into the wonder- ful world of Bearded Collies. Aside from

their gregarious personalities, what attracted us to the Bear- dies was the beautiful coats and the ability to be shown natu- ral as well as the breed being fairly new to the US at that time. We acquired our foundation stock from England. There are over 50 champions under the Chaniam prefix as well as mul- tiple group placings (fifty five group ones and a BIS to date). I currently live in Ocala, Florida. I have three Beardies at home and co-own two males, one being an offspring and one a Ger- man import residing in Oregon. In my spare time (my real job), I am an ER nurse at the VA hospital in Gainesville, FL— hopefully soon-to-be retired. My heart has a special place for Junior Handlers, which spurred me to create an educational event called the Juniors Jamboree in Florida. I am an active member of multiple All Breed, Group and Breed clubs. I have been an AKC judge for over 25 years, approved for the Herd- ing Group and 2/3 of the Hound Group at this point. I have been honored to judge several Bearded Collie specialties and OES specialties throughout the US. I am currently nominated to judge the BCCA specialty in 2017. I have judged in Eng- land, Holland, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina and Australia. I enjoy judging rare breed shows whenever I can. NAN BODINE I saw my first Beardies back in the 80s, I believe, when I lived in New Jersey. Matches were still prevalent then and I both judged and showed at them often. One event that was quite popular was called a Puppy Sweepstakes, held once a month during the winter. The classes started with 3-6 months and were judged by group, so each class had plenty of compe- tition. I was breeding Shelties then and, like so many others,

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada. Besides being involved in the dog showing world, I am an avid sports fan and play badmin- ton regularly. I enjoy all forms of music and live theatre and am currently enjoy- ing worldwide travel with my wife now that I only work part time. Any spare time is taken up with my granddaughter. Intro- duced to the dog show world at the age of

9, I began showing my sister’s Afghans and my own Miniature Pinschers in the 1960s in England. When looking for another breed in the 80s, I was attracted to the Bearded Collie after seeing the magnificent Ch. Edenborough Blue Bracken. I pur- chased my first Bearded Collie in 1979, Kimrand Honeybee and my second a year later, that became my first Champion in the breed, Ch. Kimrand Carousel. Establishing the RAL- LENTANDO kennel, I bred my first litter in 1982, which produced English and European Champions. As a family we moved to Canada in 1990 where our daughter began to take a major interest in the breeding and showing. We only breed when we require a puppy to further our breeding program, thus our litters are few, but we have consistently produced quality dogs that have gained their titles throughout Canada and the US, winning specialties and all breed shows alike. My judging career began in England at the age of 18 and I slowly progressed to Championship level judging in 1990. I have judged many Bearded Collie Specialties in England, Holland and the US, including the US national specialty in 1999. I judged Bearded Collies at the World Winners Show in 1990 and judged in Australia in 2005. Having chosen to judge

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