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under the US judging system, I am now approved to judge Bearded Collies and Welsh Corgis (Pem) and am on permit for Border Collies; I have just submitted an application to add Shetland Sheepdogs to my list. PAT HASTINGS

I live with my husband in the south of England in the UK. We have been happily owned by Bearded Collies for over 30 years now. During that time, this wonderful breed has led me on a journey of learning and l believe that you can never stop learning. Being associated with Bearded Collies has allowed me to use the knowledge and experience gained over those years to step into the realms of judging. I first awarded Challenge certificates in the UK in 1999 at the Ladies Ken- nel Association Championship Show with an entry of 245 Bearded Collies! Since that time, l also had the honor and privilege to have judged many Bearded Collie club shows in Europe, as well as Canada. Do l have a life outside of our wonderful breed? Yes l do, l work as a school nurse at an independent Preparatory School, any spare time that l have is spent around the other loves of my life—horses and my grandson. LARRY STEIN

I have been involved with Beardies almost from the beginning of them in this country. We started showing them in the early 80s and set a few records, co-owned and co-bred a few and love them dearly. They are one of my favorite breeds. I live in Aloha, Oregon, which is just outside of Portland. My life is pretty much taken up with dogs as in addition to judging and I

also present seminars on the structure of dogs. I am an author with some popular dog books on the market and I evaluate around 300 litters of puppies per year. I judge and lecture around the world so I do get some great travel experiences in. When I’m home, I love to spend time with my family and friends and garden whenever possible. RUBY HERTZ

I became acquainted with Bearded Collies when they were coming into AKC through Dick Schneider and Anne Garrett, who were also in Old English Sheepdogs—my first breed. Ann Gar- rett had a gorgeous bitch that Dick bred, Ch. HaPenny Sweetwater Agility, and we purchased our foundation bitch out of her, establishing Tolkien Bearded Col-

Prior to being approved to judge Bearded Collies, I attended the national in California, observed them at the first advanced AKC Advanced Herding Insti- tute and received ringside mentoring from a number of well-known Bearded Collie breeders. I live in Oakland, California and I chair an all-breed kennel club show weekend

lies. I have been judging Bearded Collies for over 25 years. I live in Mount Holly and professionally am a Medical and Veterinarian Illustrator. CHRIS WALKOWICZ

and have done so for the past 21 years. I own, breed and show German Shepherds, judge, continually work on new breeds, maintain a large home, do a bit of animal photography and am trying my hand at some creative writing when time permits. MARY MURPHY-EAST When I married into the Murphy family they owned one of the first 200 Beardies born in the United States. My children and grandchildren learned to stand and walk hanging onto the Beardies in our home. The dogs are incredibly patient with the youngsters— especially when they use the dog’s eyebrow hair to pull themselves into a standing position. I live in Eagan, MN and I started judging Beardies in 2004. My job is building and main- taining the internet backbone, but the loves of my life are my children, grandchildren and my dogs.

Chris began showing and breed- ing German Shepherds in 1965, add- ing Bearded Collies in 1977. More than 50 Walkoway Beardies and Shepherds finished their Championships and Reg- ister of Merits and nearly 60 boast per- formance titles. Chris began judging in 1995 and has judged in the UK, India, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Korea,

South Africa, Mexico, Canada, France and Colombia. Chris is approved to judge all the Herding, Sporting and Working breeds and groups, Dalmatians, Best In Show, Miscellaneous and Ltd. Juniors. She especially enjoys helping newcomers to the sport. Chris is an award-winning author of many books

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