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I live in the Austin, Texas area. There isn’t a lot of time outside of dogs, but I am active in Texas politics and I enjoy Baylor athletics and thoroughbred horse racing. I have spent 36 years showing and breeding and 15 years judging. PEGGY BEISEL- MCILWAINE

I reside in Woodside, California. I bred my first litter of purebred dogs in January 1970, a litter of 11 Saint Bernards. I judged for the first time at the Sir Francis Drake KC show in April 1978, if memory serves me correctly, an entry of 38.

JOHN TURBA I live in Brookhaven, Massachusetts. I am a sports medi- cine orthopedist and love spending time on the sidelines of football games. Fifty years if you count my teen age years as my parents participated in conformation. Actively competing 11 years. I am not a judge. 1. How important are the following for judging: sparring, coat and side gait? PBM: Sparring: Sparring is not about fighting, it is about courage—something all Terriers should possess. If done properly it a beautiful sight to behold, the dogs on their tiptoes, shown naturally without the assistance of the exhibitor other than to keep the dogs in check. It shows not only the courage, but overall outline with the ears on the alert aiding in seeing the real head and expression, the arch of neck, tail set and topline. For a dog enthusi- ast, it is almost like a ballet if done properly. Coat: Any wire-coated Terrier breed should possess the proper coat and it enters greatly into my decision. If the best dog is a bit short on coat, but still possess the “SPARRING IS NOT ABOUT FIGHTING, IT IS ABOUT COURAGE— SOMETHING ALL TERRIERS SHOULD POSSESS.”

It wasn’t until high school that I dis- covered the world of dog shows. After graduating in 1973, I bought my first show dog, an Old English Sheepdog. I continued my education by attending the University of Wisconsin in Green Bay, and showing my dog on weekends. In 1977, I began a three-year apprentice- ship with Terrier master George Ward, where I discovered my love for Terri-

ers, specifically Wire Fox Terriers. It was also during the apprenticeship with Ward that I met my husband to be, Sandy McIlwaine. We married in 1980, establishing Foxairn Kennels in Ann Arbor, specializing in Wire Fox and Cairn Terriers. In 1996, I retired from the demands of professional handling and was approved to judge the Terrier Group and Junior Showmanship. I am also approved to judge the Sport- ing, Herding Groups and several additional breeds. I have judged internationally, with assignments in the United King- dom, Australia, Scandinavia, the Philippines, South Amer- ica, Mexico, Spain, South Korea and China. I have judged at Westminster on five occasions and in 2006 judged the Terrier group. I have judged breeds at the famous Montgom- ery County Terrier show on several occasions and in 2010, was honored by judging Best in Show. KENNETH MCDERMOTT

I am from Newburgh, New York. I am approved to judge the Terrier and Toy groups, several breeds from the other groups and Best in Show.

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