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“A BEAUTIFUL, COMICAL SIGHT is a photo of a Field flying over a jump with their ears flying like wings.”

employed or can become bored and destructive, they are best suited for an active lifestyle spending time with their owners. A Field responds well to positive and motivational training techniques that include toys, food, and drive. Th ey quickly learn right or wrong. Minimal corrections are su ffi cient. Exposure to harsh train methods can cause a Field Spaniel to totally shut down. Th eir intelligence can fool them into thinking they know what you want, before you ask for it, o ff ering behaviors you may not want. Th ey admire and need a confident leader who is fun! Th ey will challenge every moment to live life to the fullest, so you must be one step ahead of them in the thinking process. Th e bond you create with your Field Spaniel through play, training, exercise, disci- pline, and trust will follow through in any performance arena. Obedience with a Field can be rewarding for both dog and trainer. Baseline training before 6 months old is so crucial, it imprints on them for life. Reserved by nature, they need to be socialized with many people and dogs during this time. Most can learn and pass the CGC, Canine Good Citizen test, as a puppy and are very capable of competing at all levels of rally and obedience. Fields prefer rally obedience because of the versatility of exercises and the ability to praise, and interact with them while working. Although their ability to scent retrieve, jump, and focus for long periods of time, have allowed them to be great working util-

ity dogs. One must always remember that they are spaniels with a working nose. Th is can lead to occasional sni ffi ng in obedience or rally, tracking the dog before them or hunting the area to free it from critters. Field Spaniels love all aspects of agil- ity and the constant course changes make them want more. Add a few extra tunnels and it increases their excitement. Th e tun- nels draw them in full speed ahead, and they come out smiling. Th e quickness of the sport is highly contagious for handler and dog. A beautiful, comical sight is a photo of a Field flying over a jump with their ears flying like wings. Th eir sense of fun and desire to make you laugh will sure- ly entertain in agility and make you think they forgot everything they have learned.

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