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BIO Daphne Sto-

ver owns Hadley Acres Obedience & Care, a dog training, groom- ing, and kennel in Metamora,

MI. When she is not helping her clients enjoy an easier life with their dogs, Daph- ne enjoys competing with her WyldKatz Field Spaniels in agility, obedience, and conformation. Daphne has earned hun- dreds of titles on her dogs in the past 15 years in many venues. She also volunteers her time helping the Field Spaniel Society of America with their performance activi- ties as the current FSSA Performance Chairperson. Her latest accomplishment was certifying her field Sabre to be a USA Th erapy dog. Daphne is USA Th erapy Dog’s lead Trainer.

Th e tracking Field Spaniel is simply amazing and beautiful to watch. Th ey can follow an invisible trail of scent through various covers and weather conditions. A Field Spaniel’s “Nose, Knows!” Tracking is in their blood. Th ey have been very success- ful in both search and rescue and tracking tests. Most Fields can pass a TD level track- ing dog test with minimal training and patience. Learning how to read your Field’s tracking style, is your challenge. Of course, we can’t forget what Field Spaniels were originally bred to do! A Field Spaniel doing what it was intended is truly a sight to behold. Th ey are eager and will- ing to find, flush, and retrieve game from both land and water and they give mean- ing to saying “form follows function”. Built for activity and endurance they can accommodate most terrains. Th e Field Spaniels willingness to please and natural ability to problem solve make them perfect candidates for field work. While their curiosity level may get the best of them in their youth and when early in training and exposure to the field, con- sistency, patience and building a good

foundation of good habits is essential. In the end, this can make any seasoned hunter jealous of your Field Spaniel as an all-around hunt test competitor or tire- less in-season companion. Over the years, since the breed was re-established in the second half of the 20th century, we have to be thankful for the longtime breeders that have helped move this breed forward whom have also committed to working their dogs in the Field. For a small breed, and to be able to boast Master Hunter titles from a several di ff erent kennels and many more running at the senior levels is proof that this breed remains a working dog at the core. It is always an adventure training and exhibiting with a Field Spaniel. Many experiences with the Fields Spaniel breed have taught me that the Field will continue to learn as long as you continue to motivate and train them. Th eir active, inquisitive personality enables them to perform well into their retirement years in conformation and performance venues worldwide. Best of all, their impish nature will always keep you on your toes!

BIO N i c h o l e

Dooley Bunch is a longtime breeder, owner and handler. Having either owner/handled or breeder/own-

er/handled several di ff erent Field Spaniels (both dogs and bitches) to multiple sport- ing group wins, top breed & all-breed rankings, and earned winners at multiple National Specialties, among other top awards nationwide, she is one of the most accomplished handlers in the breed on a national scale. Most recently, her dog Hudson was the #1 Field Spaniel All-systems for 2012 and was the first Field Spaniel to earn the Reserve BIS award; and her bitch Ginger was the #1 Field Spaniel bitch in 2012, both being the only two Field Spaniels ranked in the top 5 breed and all-breed. In 2013, Ginger went on to become the 1st FS Bitch to win Best of Breed at Westminster KC in 15 years. She and her mother, Corinne Dooley, breed under the SandsCape prefix.

“For a small breed, and to be able to boast Master Hunter titles from a several different kennels and many more running at the senior levels is PROOF THAT THIS BREED REMAINS A WORKING DOG AT THE CORE.” t4 )08 4 *()5 . "(";*/& . "3$) 

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