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THE ACTIVE, INQUISITIVE SPANIEL By Nichole Dooley & Daphne Stover

I really thought the little black ball of fur I had just met was a long bodied cocker mix. I had been involved with Setters and Cocker Spaniels in performance events for over 10 years, but had never heard of a Field Spaniel. My first experience with the breed was amazing. Th e little Field bitch was confident and energetic, with a mind of her own. She was active, smart, and needed a “Job!” Doggie daycare was perfect for her. It was an outlet for her energy and taught her social skills. We also started obedience and agil- ity training. She learned quickly and was easy to motivate. Food, toys, she loved it all! I was her other mother, trainer, mentor, playmate, and her best friend. Although, together we challenged each other in the many venues in agility, rally and obedi- ence. I learned how a Field Spaniel learns and thinks, and that they had their way of doing things. A true crowd pleaser, she also taught me that Field Spaniels can really do it all. I now live with three wonderful Field Spaniels each with their own unique per- sonalities. From room to room, I find a Field following me wondering what we will do next. Some of their favorite activi- ties are fetching, running, wrestling with each other, going for a walk, chasing the birds, rabbits, and squirrels, burrowing through the snow, car rides, or just laying in the sun. Th ey are funny, cuddly Spaniels that want to be my lap dogs. Not realiz- ing that they are nearly too big for my lap! Th ey are very much creatures of habit and love to predict their day, helping me with my daily duties. As long as they are with the family, they are happy. Th ey are a versatile spaniel that love the outdoors. Th ey are eager to please their humans, and are happy doing agility, rally, obedience, hunting, tracking, lure cours- ing, dock diving, working as a therapy dog, or just being faithful companions. Being a sporting companion dog they must be

“THEY ARE VERY MUCH CREATURES OF HABIT and love to predict their day, helping me with my daily duties.”

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