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Lilac Dilute

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Isabella Dilute

LILAC DILUTE Mauve and soft with lavender pig- ment, produced when both parents car- ry for blue and chocolate, pigment can be also range from light to dark. CHOCOLATE DILUTE Rich chocolate color with a lavender pigment, and lavender tongue. ISABELLA DILUTE If I could call them pink I would, I often call them pinkies when I see them, their coats and pigment can be from a shade of cream to a bright pink, Scarlett shown here is a noticeable shade of Isabella, although not geneti- cally proven, I believe it to be a breed- ing of a carrier of blue, fawn and choco- late or cream dilution. ISABELLA From a shade of fawn to almost pink, not listed on the AKC forms, but it appears much like fawn, however the mask, nose, pigment is blue instead of black. BLACK SABLE We describe sable as two banded hair color the presence must be all over the body and not a pattern. BLUE A personal favorite of mine, mascu- line and modern, from shades of silver to a dark gunmetal (almost black), its mouth and tongue is self-pigmented, eyes often hazel, instead of dark brown. The Breed standard does not give preference to any color, but we as breeders and judges need to play our part in conserving the dilutes. Lately I have seen an increase in breeders opening their programs to the color dogs and I am anticipating a nation- als truly exhibiting the many colors of the Shar-Pei.

Black Sable


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