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miss some of the breed-specific require- ments. At first glance, the Pumi should have a Pumi silhouette, or outline. Very square, upright, light-bodied, slightly slop- ing topline, high tailset, and curled tail, moving at moderate speed with very mod- erate reach and drive—with a light step and springy (not bouncy) motion. Judges seem to be finding the one with the most reach and drive, which while it satisfies many of the AKC breeds’ requirements, that is not one for the Pumi. Future Plans Th e Pumi was able to enter compan- ion and performance events as of January 2008, and in January 2011 entered the Miscellaneous Class. Th ere are 231 Pumik registered with the AKC Foundation Stock Service (FSS), and 30% of them have obtained 352 AKC titles in obedience, ral- ly, conformation, agility, tracking, cours- ing, and herding (in addition to non-AKC titles in flyball, freestyle, dock diving, and nose work). Th e Hungarian Pumi Club of America has provided judges education seminars in most of the main venues, and is will- ing to provide more as requested, or to answer any questions judges may have about the breed. Th ere is a judges edu- cational CD on the Pumi. Any judges wanting a copy, please contact the author at BIO Chris is the Judges Education Chair for the Hungarian Pumi Club of America in addition to being its President. She’s had Pumik for 15 years and was instrumen- tal in importing a number of dogs from Hungary and the Scandinavian countries. She and her husband, Tom, have accumu- lated 5 World Winner titles, 2 European Winner titles, and BOS at the Hungar- ian Pumi Klub Show with a homebred. Chris judges the Terrier and Non-Sporting Groups plus a few other assorted breeds.

Figure 8: Pumik excel in all dog sports, but especially agility

Figure 7: FCI International Champion, Hungarian, Polish, Finnish, Argentine, Mexican Champion, ARBA Champion of Champions, Argentina Grand Champion, Latin American & Caribbean Champion Galla-Hegyi Gömböc CM PT CA World Winner ‘05, ‘06, ‘07, 09. Four times National Specialty BOB winner.

“At first glance, the Pumi should HAVE A PUMI SILHOUETTE, OR OUTLINE.”

210 • S HOW S IGHT M AGAZINE , M AY 2014

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