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Judging Updates on the Pumi

BY CHRIS LEVY continued

PRIORITIES One of the new learning methods we added in the last couple of years was a prioritized list of breed essentials which was printed in the AKC judges newsletter, and can also be found at the above link. It’s also been incorporated into our PowerPoint presentation and the AKC Canine College. I’ve added one (#5) to our most recent PowerPoint because judges seem to be missing that. • Ears 1/3 tipped • Curly locks of hair • Square • Circular tail • Depth of body is less than 50% of the height • Withers form the highest point of the body • Light-bodied and well-muscled • Moderate reach and drive • Light-footed, ready for action The first two items are most important, and I’ve included number 8 below because some judges are prioritizing Pumik using the criteria of which has the most reach and drive. EARS TWO-THIRDS ERECT This is the hallmark of the breed. In contrast to similar ears on the Sheltie and Collie, the ears

Ears two-thirds erect

must tip towards the sides. CURLY LOCKS OF HAIR

Curly Locks of Hair

This may be one of the most misunderstood aspects of the breed, but is very clear in the stan- dard. They must have curly locks of hair that go clear down to the skin. This breed must never be blown dry which removes the curly locks of hair. No dog should be put to winners or breed with- out this characteristic coat. Puppies will some- times have softer hair, but it must always have the

curly locks on the body and the legs. MODERATE REACH AND DRIVE

The Pumi needs to be able to turn on a dime and is very agile. Their angulation is moderate, as is their reach and drive. Judges should prioritize on breed type, and moderate reach and drive is a part of that breed type. The dog on the right also does not have withers forming the highest point on the body (#6). QUESTIONS FROM JUDGES NOSE COLOR Almost every white Pumi’s nose will fade to some degree (i.e. snow nose), but some of these never regain color in the summer. They also tend to fade in and out with hormonal changes (e.g. being in heat). We did not make a non-black nose a disqualification in this breed because of the fear that snow noses could get disqualified by judges.



Moderate Reach and Drive

Nose color


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