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KATIE EMANUEL I live outside of Charlottesville, VA. We run a boarding and grooming shop as well as help our local shelters. We live on a working meat goat farm and use the dogs to do the job they were developed to perform. I’ve been in dogs since child- hood, showing since I was five. I’ve been judging for the last 7 years. DEBI GRUNNAH

Bouviers, producing over 60 champions including National Specialty winners and multiple Group winners. We lived in Michigan for 22 years, and after Rick’s retirement four years ago, we moved to the Boise area. I started judging in 2000, and currently judge all the Herding breeds, the Herding Group and the majority of the Non-Sporting Group. I current- ly own three Bouvier des Flandres, two German Shorthair Pointers (my husband’s hunting dogs) and an Anatolian. GARY JAKOBI

Our home is in Marathon, WI, situ- ated in the center of 40 wooded acres. We built our current home in 1993 to allow us to do the things we wanted to do with our Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. For the past 3 years I have been retired. For the 35 years prior to that I worked in the commercial insurance industry, most of that time as an under-

I live in Reddick, Florida. I am a full- time horse trainer and breeder. I’ve been showing for 35 years. I am not a judge, but have been showing and breeding Anatolians for 21 years. I was ASDCA Judges Education Coordinator and on the Judges Education Commit- tee, I was also VP and on the Board of Directors for 16 years. I’ve owned working Anatolians since 1995.

writer. I guess you would say that I’ve been in dogs all of my life. I grew up on a dairy farm here in WI and am the eldest of 13 children. The first dog that I remember having was an English Shepherd Dog (not an AKC breed) named Ring. He was followed in time by many other dogs; Collies, German Shepherds, Labs, Beagles, Blue Tick Hound, Doberman and Great Dane. There were also a few Miniature Poodles in that assortment, as my mother always loved that breed. My wife, Barbara, and I first got into the Anatolian Shepherd Dog in 1983 and began showing and breeding them in 1988-1989. We have been in the breed ever since that time. We have now stopped breeding and no longer show except on those rare occasions when a friend needs some assistance in the ring. I am not a judge, but I have spent many years doing my best to educate and mentor judges about the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. I started doing education seminars about the breed in the late 80s when we were still a “rare breed” and judges had virtually never seen an Anatolian and continue to do ringside mentoring at our National Specialty shows each year.


I have been active in the dog show world since I was a teenager, many years ago; first in obedience competition and later in conformation. My first breed was the Rough Collie. I showed my first dog in 1970. I bred and showed Collies until the early 1980s when I bought my first Bou- vier des Flandres. Rick and I were mar- ried in 1989, and established Rendezvous

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