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balance and functionality of the dog should take precedence over any specific measurement. What is the correct size of the ASD? The AKC Breed Standard states, “General balance is more important than absolute size. Dogs should be from 29 inches and weighing from 110 to 150 pounds proportionate to size and struc- ture. Bitches should be from 27 inches, weighing from 80 to 120 pounds, pro- portionate to size and structure. Neither dog nor bitch appear fat. Both dog and bitch should be rectangular, in direct proportion to height. Measurements and weights apply at age two or older.” When judging the ASD you will see a wide variety of sizes in the ring to include a size difference between dogs and bitches. There is no disqualifica- tion for height or weight in the breed standard. The breed is very slow to mature; therefore, height and weight suggestions are not applicable until the entrant is over the age of two. A six month old puppy may not meet the height or weight suggested in the breed standard. Size is only one part of the dog and should not overrule general balance. Can you tell me more about bites? Anatolian bites may be scissors or level is acceptable. Disqualifications include overshot, undershot and wry bites. Broken teeth and missing teeth are acceptable. Many of the dogs that are being exhibited today are coming straight from their pastures. It is not uncommon for a working dog to have broken or missing teeth as a result of protecting their charges. This should not be faulted. “GENERAL BALANCE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN ABSOLUTE SIZE.”


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