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bitches should be at least 27" tall and 80 lbs. Th ese measurements and weights apply at age 2 or older in our Breed Standard. Th ere is no disqualification for a dog or bitch that does not meet the height or weight requirement. Th e breed is very slow to mature. Most Anatolians, males in particular, are not fully mature physically (or mentally) until they are three to four years of age. Over- all general balance should be considered before the consideration of the height and weight requirements. When judging our wonderful breed you will see a variety that still fits within our standard. You will see a variation in color, size, hair length, tail carriage, etc. Th is variety allows for a more exciting selection of dogs and it allows the breed to achieve maximum genetic diversity. Th is variety contributes to making the Anatolian Shep- herd Dog one of the healthiest, long-lived breeds in the Working Group. Approaching the Anatolian Shepherd Dog should be from the shoulder, at an angle and not “head on.” Th e handler should be allowed to present the bite. Th is is not a breed that should be overhandled by either the handler or the judge. It is unnec- essary and can eliminate a good dog from competition. Aggression is not acceptable as the dog should be sensible and in control. When judging the Anatolian Shepherd the essence of the breed is that it is a calm, quietly observant working flock guardian breed that should be capable of doing the job it has been bred to do for thousands of years. Th e Anatolian Shepherd Dog should be judged on balance, structure and cor- rect breed type. Th e Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America is pleased about judges who want to learn about our wonderful breed. Th e Anatolian Shepherd Dog may not be the flashiest breed in the working group but if you ask any owner, exhibitor or breeder, the Anatolian is definitely the most exciting and impressive, especially given the breed his- tory. A complete list of Club-approved men- tors and further resources about the breed can be found at Information compiled by the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America, Inc.(ASDCA) from the ASDCA documents and archives.

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