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JULIE FELTEN I reside in Wauconda, Illinois, a north- west suburb of Chicago. I am employed as an insurance agent specializing in home and auto products. Outside of dogs, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, music, bird watch- ing and shopping. I’ve had dogs since my early childhood and have been showing for about thirty years. I’ve been an AKC Breeder Judge since 2000. I have bred/owned over 75 AKC Parson Champions to date, many finishing out of the Bred by Exhibitor classes. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit producing multiple group winning, national/specialty winners and all breed Best In Show honors. MARY STROM- BERNARD

I live in western Massachusetts with my five Parsons, a Wire Fox Terrier and a Russell Terrier. Outside of dogs, I work a demanding, full-time job in bank man- agement. For fun, I like to ski, snowshoe, kayak and travel. I have been showing dogs for about twenty years. I am not a judge, but am pleased to say that my only judging assignment was Parson Sweep- stakes at Montgomery County in 2013. NANCY

DOUGHERTY I live in southeastern Chester County, Pennsylvania and I work in the field of steeplechase horseracing. My husband and I have a pack of Penn-Marydel Foxhounds, so fox-hunting is a big part of my life. I have been involved with show dogs for about fifty years, starting with foxhounds, then Parson Russell Terriers (through fox-hunting) and Dachshunds. I have been judging since 2002 and have had Parsons for over thirty years.

I currently live in Carlton, Oregon, just an hour drive from Portland, Ore- gon. Outside of dogs, I enjoy horseback riding and working on the Rose City Classic Student Art Contest. My husband and I are professional wildlife photog- raphers. We also have photographed several National and Regional Special- ties along with doing candid photos for


a variety of clients. I have been showing and breeding dogs for just under thirty years. I have been judging for nine years. SALLY YANCEY I live in Greensboro, North Carolina. My hobbies include golf and pickle-ball. I’ve had dogs my entire life—over forty years in Parson Russell Terriers and judg- ing the breed for over thirty years. I am also an AWTA den trial judge along with AKC Earthdog. I have been fortunate enough to judge the National Specialty at MCKC and in Canada. My judging has taken me all over the US as well as the UK and Germany.

I live in east central Wiscon- sin. Outside of dogs, I have many interests including trail-riding, training and horse-camping with my horses, raising rare breed poultry/waterfowl and showing and caring of my fiber goats, rare breed sheep and alpacas. I’ve been in purebred dogs for years,

but started serious showing in 1981. I’ve been a Sighthound breeder since 1985 and a Parson breeder since 2001, although I’ve owned Parsons since 1979 (English imports). I started judging in 1997 and was granted the Parson in 2000.

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