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Coming to a Show Ring Near You The Black/Black & White German Shorthaired Pointer

BY DENISE AVERY ON BEHALF OF THE GSPCA With gratitude to Patte Titus, GSPCA Historian, for reviewing the material presented here.

T he AKC Breed Standard for German Shorthaired Pointers has not had a change since 1992. However, as of January 1, 2023, it will state the following in the areas that have a reference to color: Head: Nose - The nose is brown on a liver dog and black on a black dog. The larger the nose the better and nostrils should be well opened and broad. A spotted nose is not desirable. A flesh colored nose disqualifies. Color: The coat may be of solid liver or a combination of liver and white such as liver and white ticked, liver patched and white ticked, or liver roan. Or the coat may be of solid black or any combination of black and white such as black and white ticked, black patched, and white ticked, or black roan. Any other color or color combination is a disqualification. A dog with an area of red, orange, lemon, or tan, or a dog solid white will be disqualified. Disqualifications: China or wall eyes. Flesh colored nose. Extreme overshot or undershot. Any color or combination of colors other than liver or black as described in the standard. A dog with any area of red, orange, lemon, or tan, or a dog solid white.


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