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Please judge our dogs on the move. When in doubt, move them again!

longer than tall was considered to be 5 percent, but not longer than 10 percent longer than height at the withers… described as “slightly off square.” Thus, if a dog is 23 inches at the withers, to be considered slightly longer than tall (measuring from the forechest to the rearmost projection of the rump), the length per the standard would be 25.3 inches long at the max of 10 percent, and 24.2 if using the minimum of 5 percent. 2c) What would you like to see judges reward in the show ring? • The Standard, correct movement, soundness, and type. • An aristocratic, balanced-moving dog with a beautiful head (including a correct underjaw) and tight, compact, round/ spoon feet. • Dogs and bitches that are the correct size, clean and efficient movement, and dogs that are more square than long. • A good, honest Shorthair that is correct to the standard in all areas. These dogs/bitches are often overlooked because they aren’t flashy. • Correct angulation (sloping shoulders and strong rears) should be rewarded. Equally straight front and rear angula- tion may have symmetry, but they do not provide the power- ful, ground-covering gait needed for high-performance as a hunting dog. The proper front and the depth of chest needed for endurance. Correctly carried tails, without excessive curl, should also be rewarded. • I would love to see judges who have a good understanding of what GSPs are expected to do in the field. Always awarding good breeding stock, keeping type, balance, movement, and size in mind, not just a “showman” or a well-presented dog.

In summary, when judging our breed, please envision the dis- tinct Hallmarks that identify the GSP: The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunter—an all- purpose gun dog capable of high performance in field and water, which should be reflected in the show ring. The GSP should give the impres- sion of an aristocratic, well balanced, symmetrical animal with confor- mation indicating power, endurance and agility with a look of intel- ligence and animation. The GSP is a “short backed” hunter standing over plenty of ground. GSPs are a medium-sized, square or “slightly” longer than tall dog. It is interesting to note that the “or slightly longer than” was added to the standard in the ‘90s. Symmetry and field quality are most essential in this breed. A dog in field condition is not to be penalized; however, overly fat or poorly muscled dogs are to be penalized. A dog that is well-balanced in all points is preferable to one with outstanding good qualities and defects. Grace of out- line, clean-cut head, sloping shoulders, deep chest, powerful back, strong quarters, good bone composition, adequate muscle, well- carried tail, and taut coat produce the look of nobility and indicate a heritage of purposefully conducted breeding. Further evidence of this heritage is movement, which is balanced, alertly coordinated, and without wasted motion. Thank you to all the breed mentors, breeders, and judges who contributed to this article.


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