Showsight - May 2022


T here is no doubt that everyone’s goals are a bit dif- ferent this year, but we hope you succeed and, most importantly, find comfort in your goals. Today, however, I would like you to find comfort within the pages of SHOWSIGHT . I am so proud of my team here at SHOWSIGHT for curat- ing such a memorable issue with care. Even though we never miss a deadline, every month we hope that we put out an amaz- ing issue for every dog show person and purebred dog lover. I am happy that we are ending such difficult last couple of years on a positive note by having a record-breaking number of shows and entries. Finally, we are all together again! And with no surprise, we are seeing more new faces around dog shows, and in large numbers, than we have in recent years. This deserves a big round of applause! Everyone who promotes our sport in the most beautiful way deserves to be applauded daily. Let’s continue being positive, supporting all of the organizations and individuals within our community who do this work for the future of our community. Personally, what keeps me smiling and wanting to improve daily is growing our sport and helping preservation breeders get the recognition and protection they deserve. It isn’t selling ads that makes me move. What makes me move is designing so many “masterpieces” for our clients. There is no better feeling to those of us here at SHOWSIGHT than when our clients say, “I love it!” and then lets us know, while smiling and laughing, how many amazing compliments they’ve received about their latest ad. At SHOWSIGHT , we believe that providing education to existing and new fanciers is pivotal to the future of the sport of dogs. For us, it isn’t enough just to provide dog show results. We want to provide camaraderie too. As much time as we all spend bragging about our successes, we should spend double- time sharing our knowledge through positive stories and giving support to all those around us. (I want to say especially to those who need it, but let’s be honest, we all need support!) Every per- son we interact with needs a positive interaction—even those who look like they are thriving. I have many amazing stories that I share when I’m speaking with people, but for some reason, I never publish them in the magazine. Today, I will share one story that we all were a part of. Some might see it as a lesson more than a story. My feature story this month is one that is very near and dear to all our hearts—DOG SHOWS! The cancelation of dog shows did not come as a surprise to anyone during 2020 and 2021, but it was difficult to hear the news all the same. Our soul seemed to shine a bit brighter as the roar to life and our community Welcome to The May Issue!

came together to support those in need. We are so thrilled that, despite the cancellations, we were able to find comfort by staying in touch with one another through phone calls, text messages, emails, and Zoom calls. Through it all, SHOWSIGHT was delivered every single month in print and through digital and social media to over 150,000 purebred dog lovers. Congratulations to all magazines and media chan- nels who decided to push through every obstacle that COVID brought by delivering positive content about purebred dogs to you. While we are all competitors, our goals remain the same and this is what’s best for our community. Friends, when dog shows were canceled, we were all in panic mode. Not a soul can tell me that we didn’t have some worries; maybe not the same worries, but we all managed to revolve around our community. Then, when a few clubs decided to have shows in 2020, entries at them were record-breaking, regard- less of the many rules and restrictions that were put in place. During that time, all we heard and read was how nice and respectful people are/were toward each other. The majority even went on to say that they had never seen more positivity at dog shows. All it took was COVID taking what we love so much away from us. We are so thrilled that despite everything that has happened, we have our dog shows back. Keep explor- ing, sharing, and smiling. And speaking of exploring, in each edition of SHOWSIGHT we will be bringing our readers important news and information from all over the country regarding the pressing issue of Canine Legis- lation. SHOWSIGHT has pledged to continue fight- ing for Preservation Purebred Dog Breeders to the fullest extent possible through our print publication and social media channels. We will continue to bring awareness to everyone within our community and to passionate dog owners outside of it who are concerned about a fair and equitable promotion of purebred dogs, purebred dog breeders, and the sport of purebred dogs. For Breaking News and the Latest Legislative Actions pending, please visit our website: https:// show- In this issue, please visit page numbers 266, 268, and 269 to read important editorial about Canine Legislation. Peace and joy to you all, dear readers. Wishing you and your loved ones good health and happiness.

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