ShowSight January 2019

table of CONTENTS

14 SHOWSIGHT FROM THE EXECUTIVE EDITOR EMERITUS, Joseph Neil McGinnis III 38 WESTMINSTER MOMENTS, Dan Sayers 66 ON THE LINE, BJ Andrews 82 LINES FROM LINDA, Linda Ayers Turner Knorr 98 FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION, Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath 104 KEEPING THE FOCUS ON MAN’S AND WOMAN’S (AND CHILD’S!) BEST FRIEND, Michael and Cathy Dugan 122 PLAYING GAMES, Michelle Scott 128 REMEMBERING DR. RICHARD MEEN, Allan Reznik 140 A SCHOLARLY PATH TO A SCHOLARSHIP, Jeri El Dissi 146 THE DOG WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, Lea-Ann O’Hare Germinder, APR Fellow PRSA 152 SIMPLE RULES FOR EFFECTIVE ADS, Scott Toney 162 JUNIORS SPOTLIGHT: AVA MARIE CAUDELL, Sabra Weeks 168 12 TIPS FOR 2019, Dan Sayers 176 AZAWAKH JOINS THE PACK AS NEWEST AKC-RECOGNIZED BREED, American Kennel Club 182 SHOWSIGHT INTERVIEWS, Allan Reznik 206 THOUGHTS FOR THE NEW YEAR, Meg Callea 210 BECOMING, Jacquelyn Fogel 212 LOOKING BACK THROUGH LINDA’S LENS, photos by Linda Ayers Turner Knorr 218 MEME CONTEST 226 SURVEY SAYS: What New Year’s resolution would you like to see the dog show community make? 228 BRUSSELS 2018, Karl Donvil 235 AKC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW CANDIDS, photos by Derek Glas, AJ Arapovic, Jo Brady, Tom Weigand & Joe McGinnis 239 AKC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, Dennis Sprung 250 MEET THE BREEDS, Joseph McGinnis

253 THE NON-SPORTING GROUP, Various Guest Experts 282 THE TALE OF THE TAILLESS BREED, Dawn Bannister 292 THE TIMES THEY ARE A’CHANGIN’, Theresa Goiffon 298 THE BRACCO ITALIANO, Various Guest Experts 301 THE CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL, Various Guest Experts

314 THE BICHON FRISE, Various Guest Experts 319 THE ENGLISH SETTER, Various Guest Experts 327 THE KERRY BLUE TERRIER, Various Guest Experts



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