ShowSight January 2019

A SCHOLARLY PATH TO A SCHOLARSHIP BY JERI EL DISSI BROOKE GRAF WINS FOR HER PUG “PROJECT” W aukesha Kennel club is very proud to introduce this program into the system a way of having young students’ study about pure bred dogs. In return we give then a $500.00 scholarship and $500.00 towards the trip. This is a life time experience to come to Orlando for the AKC National dog show, the largest dog show in America. Again, we had a great turn out of 7th grade students who entered their projects in our program. This is our third year of running this program and we are so happy to announce our winner this year: Miss Brooke Graf from Kettle Moraine Middle school for her breed presentation on the Pug.

140 • S how S ight M agazine , J anuary 2019

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