ShowSight January 2019

AKC MEET THE BREEDS® and BEST BOOTH CONTEST Thrilled with their wins, the following received top placements: SPORTING GROUP

Some groups work all year round to prepare for MTB. Photo at the Peke booth by TOM WEIGAND, THE WINNING IMAGE

1st: Sussex Spaniel Club of America 2nd: Clumber Spaniel Club of America 3rd: Viszla Club of America 4th: Golden Retriever Club of America HOUND GROUP 1st: Saluki Club of America 2nd: Norwegian Elkhound Club of America 3rd: Cirnecco Dell’Etna Club of America 4th: American Whippet Club WORKING GROUP 1st: Akita Club of America 2nd: Mastiff Club of America 3rd: Great Dane Club of America 4th: American Boxer Club TERRIER GROUP 1st: Staffordshire Terrier Club of America 2nd: Bull Terrier Club of America 3rd: Soft Coated Wheaten 4th: Scottish Terrier Club of America TOY GROUP 1st: Chihuahua Cllub of America 2nd: Pekingese Club of America 3rd: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel COA 4th: American Toy Fox Terrier Club NON-SPORTING GROUP 1st: Keeshond Club of America 2nd: Boston Terrier Club of America 3rd: French Bulldog Club of America 4th: Tibetan Terrier Club of America HERDING GROUP 1st: Berger Picard Club of America 2nd: Old English Sheepdog Club of America 3rd: American Shetland Sheepdog Ass’n 4th: Canaan Dog Club of America MISCELLANEOUS/FSS GROUP 1st: Barbet Club of America 2nd: American Russian Toy Dog Club 3rd: Danish/Swedish Farm Dog COA 4th: Biewer Terrier Club of America

Win Photos by David Woo for AKC

BEST BOOTH IN SHOW: Keeshond Club of America

Our congratulations goes out not only to the ultimate top placements, but to every single per- son and canine whose donated time made this effort a success. And again to the Clubs who took part: Bravo! If your breed’s not among those making appearances at these functions, you might lobby your fellow fanciers and club members to move it up on the list of Club re- sponsibilities. Plus, it’s a lot of fun. As usual, we end the year with MTB and start the next the same: Meet The Breeds® at Westminster in February draws a whole dif- ferent audience into our world and gives us another chance to share our wonderful dogs with the general public and our fellow breed- ers and judges. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out, and to Linda Ayers Turner Knorr, my co-chair, for another awe- some MTB. We’ll see you in New York. —Joe McGinnis, Chair, Best Booth Contest

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