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Westminster Moments: A Few of...


Her whole expression positively spar- kles in anticipation of things to come. For the moment, however, she remains tight-lipped. Her pleading eyes, subtle of brow and in perfect harmony with her dropped ears, are doing all the talk- ing. They seem to ask only for her han- dler’s undivided attention. Not every dog is effusive in its devo- tion. Some are downright flirtatious. With his attention-grabbing mantle of long, silky white hair, this Maltese megastar’s appeal is undeniable. A pair of black bowties is all he needs to wear to Westminster’s black-tie event.

Fearless and affectionate, this playful playboy knows how to make the most of his moment in the spotlight. Although his dark, round eyes and black button nose command attention, he neverthe- less has a trick up his sleeve to ensure that he’s remembered. With a flick of his tongue he’s transformed himself from the merely beautiful to the utterly unforgettable. By casually “wetting his whistle” at just the right moment, he’s become a canine Casanova. Perfectly coiffed hair is an attention grabber, certainly. Consider the Poodle with its distinctive English Saddle and

Continental clips, traditionally fash- ioned and carefully groomed by the best hands in the business. The dense, curly coat of this distinctive breed is typically teased (straightened!) and sprayed to within an inch of its life. However, the breed may also appear in the show ring in a coat of cords as demonstrated by this dignified dog. His white locks— unkempt though they may appear— seem to dance in response to the colors that surround him. His alert gaze down a long, straight muzzle is every bit as imposing as that of the well-manicured dogs with which he shares a ring. Proof

Little dogs can appear quite big when standing on Westminster’s trophy table.

This Min Pin and her handler step deliberately out of the “chorus line.”

Begging for attention is part of the Norfolk Terrier’s many charms.

With one gesture, this Maltese proves that he’s a canine Casanova.

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