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Lines from Linda Frank Murphy - AKC Registered Handlers Program 2018 Handler Of The Year BY LINDA AYERS TURNER KNORR O n Decem- ber 4, Frank and Deb Mur- Handlers’ Program had named Frank as its 2018 Handler of the Year! Yay! Now we had even more reason to celebrate! Each year AKC RHP honors one member who exempli- fies their ideals of conduct and professionalism. Other out- standing nominees this year were Phil Booth, Shane Harper, Ernesto Lara, and Gabriel Rangel.

phy and I were head- ing to Greenville’s Poinsett Club for the annual member’s Christmas gala. Frank didn't mention it, but Deb was bubbling over with pride for her hus- band. On their way to my house they had just received the news that The American Ken- nel Club Registered

Being a member of AKC RHP assures clients that their dogs are with true professionals who must adhere to the highest standards of our sport. Look at this impressive list of members: Jason Bailey, Barbara Beissel, Doug Belter, Amy Booth, Phillip Booth, Kerry Boyd, Bryan Briley, Stephen Cabral, Kim- berly Calvacca, Sue Cannimore, Amanda Carlson, Douglas Carlson, Carlos Carrizo, R.C. Carusi, Paul Catterson, Gretchen Conradt, Timothy Conradt, Tuni Conti, Geoff Dawson, Gwen DeMilta, James Dickson, C.J. Favre, Nina Fetter, Kaki Fisher, Robert Fisher, Lisa Gallizzo, Diego Garcia, Rindi Gaudet, Andrew Green, Sara Gregware, Dee Hanna, Tara Hartman, Shane Hooper, Lydia Hovanski, Cynthia Huckfeldt, Erin Karst, Laura King, Tiffany Knox, Peter Kubacz, Ernesto Lara, Angie Lloyd, Karen Mammano, Sam Mammano, Kelly Marquis, Lisa Miller, Kathryn Mines, Roslyn Mintz, Moe Miyagawa, Leesa Molina, Lori Mowery, Frank Murphy, Patricia Murray, Mary Norton-Augustus, Clark Pennypacker, Matthew Perchick, Sarah Perchick, Gabriel Rangel, Ivonne Rangel, Lori Sargent, Tara Schultz, Carissa Shimpeno, Dave Slattum, Erin Sposito, Valerie Stanert, Cliff Steele, Hiram Stewart, Greg Strong, Debbie Struff, Allison Sunderman, Sharon Svoboda, Evan Threlfall, Stacy Threlfall, Meagan Ulfers, Alissa Welling and Linda Williams. Frank has been a member of the AKC Registered Handlers Program since its first year and feels it is very necessary to give the people who hire handlers a choice between a hobby handler and a professional who has dedicated his life to the sport. Someone whose facility at home and at the dog shows has passed the application process, undergoes inspections, does continuing education yearly, carries insurance, uses contracts, and by wearing a lapel pin, is the face of the pro- gram at the dog shows. When I asked Frank how long he has been crazy about dogs he told me a story about when he was twelve years old. He was living in Brooklyn, New York and he used to walk to a pet shop by his house. There were books from TFH publica- tions called How to Raise and Train your Irish Wolfhound , or Whippet or Doberman, or whatever breed you wanted. The first chapter of the books were breed specific and the rest of the books were all the same. In the early seventies’ they cost a dollar a piece. He was buying one when the owner of the pet shop asked him how many of the books he owned. He told the man forty-one. The man showed him a big thick book from TFH that was the first chapter of all the other books in one, but, it cost thirty-nine dollars. At twelve years old, Frank had never had that much money so the man asked him if he wanted a job. After that Frank worked every night from six o’clock until seven feeding the puppies washing the bowls and putting the puppies away for the night. He made $1.25 each night and soon bought the book. Frank had never been to a dog show until after college. He was working as an electrician and went to four years of night school to get his master electrician license. He had a Collie

Deb Murphy congratulating her husband at the Poinsett Club

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