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FRED BASSETT I live in Broken Arrow,

He was so famous that his obituary appeared in the New York Times . I’ve been pretty busy promoting the book and with the Sewickley Valley Historical Society. We are currently plan- ning the dedication of the Count Noble historical marker, which will be unveiled July 16th at the former site of the house where Count Noble lived in Sewickley, near Pitts- burgh. I’ve been showing English Toy Spaniels for 28 years. I didn’t breed very often, but I campaigned a few top-winning dogs across the US and attended many shows in Great Britain, as well as shows in Japan and Australia. I was approved to judge English Toy Spaniels in 2010. JOHN RAMIREZ I reside in Downey,

Oklahoma, which is a suburb of Tulsa. Outside of dogs, I am a partner in a business called Forever Faith with my son, Abe Cruz. The main focus of the business currently is on Abe’s fitness and act- ing careers, but we also do fitness clothing. I am retired from a 35-year career as a Data Pro- cessing and Information Technology profession-

al. I started in dogs in 1961 with Miniature Poodles, which were the #1 breed at that time. I switched to Pomeranians in 1967 and have remained involved in that breed ever since. I am a Life Member of the Parent Club, and was the Judges Education Coordinator for ten years. I started judging in 1977 with Poms as my initial breed. So that would be 55 years in dogs, showing and 39 years judging. RICHARD LEBEAU I grew up in Louis-

California, slightly north of Long Beach. I am hap- pily retired and outside of dogs: I enjoy time with my family, kayak- ing, my piano and when able, I enjoy hiking. I have been into dogs for as long as I can remem- ber. Being somewhat of a sickly child and having my physical activity lim- ited, my parents bought me my first dogs and from that day forward I bonded with my canine friends. In regards to

ville, Kentucky but my home has been Pitts- burgh, Pennsylvania for 29 years. I am a freelance musician and writer. My book, Count Noble: The Greatest Dog That Ever Lived is in its 4th print- ing. Count Noble was a celebrated English Setter in his day, rather like a modern racing horse is celebrated in the press today. He was imported from England and died in Pittsburgh in 1891.

showing, I have to credit my father for sparking my interest. He would take me to shows and we would just go watch. I would say that my actual showing probably began when I was about 15-16 years old. Judging, my passion began in the early 70s. 1. Describe the breed in three words. FB: Limiting this answer to three words is tough. I guess to limit it to three I will say face, compact, level. To expand on that, the ETS has to have the classic face with cushion and correct eye to give that wonderful expression.

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