Showsight - December 2021

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2005 Issue of SHOWSIGHT.

when a 12 year old applied they decided that they should make 18 the mini- mum. She held off any more assignments until she became that and then con- tinued her judging career. Anna will be greatly, greatly, missed. At the Chicago Interna- tional, early in the morn- ing we also lost Roland Wilson from Racine, Wis- consin. Roland and his wife Margaret were long time handlers. They had him back at one point but then lost him again. And finally, on the first weekend of March, we got the word about Ed Jenner dying in his sleep. Ed had not been well for a while but no one expected him to die so soon. Patty and Danny Jenner left from the Kennel Club of North New Jersey to make it out to Chicago. Ed was involved in many different breeds: Pekes, Beagles, Poodles and a number of others. Between he and Anna, they had over 50 years in the Beagles and Pekingese each. Ed loved his dogs and spent hours fixing tid- bits, for his favorites who lived in the house, in the kitchen. There were at least ten that lived that way. The only one of Ed’s

children who is in dogs is his son, Danny who is mar- ried to Patty Jenner, and they are handlers who live in Connecticut, actually quite near to us. A great number of peo- ple are leaving this week for Crufts which starts on Thursday of this com- ing week. They have over 21,000 dogs entered in the four days. More and more dogs from America are going, including some that originated in England to begin with. Just got a flash phone call from the Delegates meeting with the news that in the first ballot the incumbents were re-elect- ed. They being Charles Garvin, Steve Gladstone and Pat Scully. Then, after lunch on the second ballot, David Merriam got the fourth nod. After a long illness, Bill Garvey died. He had been sick for a long time. His wife Jocelyn had got Emeritus several years ago. They also sold their house to Danny and Pat- ty Jenner and moved to a retirement complex. Got a call from England and Crufts. Thursday was Terrier day and CoCo, the greatest little Norfolk Terrier won that Group, the Smooth, handled by

Claire Hoffman from Cali - fornia, breeder, owner handler, Am. Ch. Sunrise Rascal Fair was second, Gabriel with his Aire- dale was third, Ch. Green- field’s Celtic Legend bred by Andrew Green. CoCo was shown by Peter Green which must have been a thrill for him and the entire Green Team. Understand that the Thursday, which was also Hound day, the Group was won by a Beagle. Wasn’t able to get info on the name or ownership on the Beagle. Of course you real- ize that they only have the large size Beagle over there. Will bring you more info on the other winners. The news on Billy Mott isn’t good. He’s been in the hospital for several weeks now. For a time, he was in an induced coma. Don’t know just how long he may have to stay in the hospital but it will be some time. The news from Crufts just arrived and I under- stand that Peter and CoCo went BIS. This is the first time that a handler has gone BIS at both Crufts and Westminster. The Green Team must be over the moon!


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