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NECK : Strong, of medium length. Skin tightly fitting.

BODY : Back: Straight and firm.

Loin: Strong, slightly longer than rump. Croup: Medium long and slightly sloping. Chest: Broad, deep, and strong.

TAIL : Bushy, reaching to below the hocks, but not to the ground. According to the dog’s mood it is carried high and curved over the back or hanging down.


FOREQUARTERS: General appearance: Forelegs strong, straight, and vertical, seen from the front and side. Shoulders: Very well muscled. Shoulder-blade long and well laid back. Upper arm: Long, closely fitting to body. Elbows: Fitting well to chest. Pastern joint: Strong. Pastern: Moderately sloping. Forefeet: Roundish, strong and compact. Toes arched and tight. Dewclaws to be removed except in those countries where this is prohibited by law. Nails with black pigmentation in black/gold and black dogs; in blond dogs there may be less pigmentation.

HINDQUARTERS: General appearance: Hindlegs strong and vertical when seen from

behind. Hindquarters are well angulated. Upper and lower thigh: Very well muscled. Hock joint: Strong, well let down.

FCI-St. N°190 / 25.09.1998

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