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HEAD: • Lacking stop. • Blue eye or wall eye. • Erect, tipped ears, rose ear; off-standing ears. • Undershot, overshot or wry mouth. • Absence of more than 2 of the 4 PM1 or the 2 M3, or absence of any other tooth.

NECK: • Distinct dewlap or very throaty.

BODY: • Pronounced sway or roach back. • Narrow or barrel shaped chest. • Abnormal tail; tail much too short; pronounced ring tail.

LIMBS: • Much too high in hindquarters (overbuilt).


HAIR: • Predominantly curly coat (ring curls).

COLOUR: In general:

• All colours not conforming to the standard, e.g. blue-grey, deer colour, brown, white, patched, blond with smutty touch or predominantly banded hair. • White patches. Single white hairs on the inside of the upper thighs are not a disqualifying fault. Black/Gold dogs: • Grey or brown patches other than the correct markings. • Undercoat predominantly of another colour than black. • Predominantly grey or whitish markings. Black dogs: • Grey or brown patches.

FCI-St. N°190 / 25.09.1998

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